The 5 Best Gift Ideas for Healthy Foodies

Wow, December sure is sneaky, isn’t it? Can you believe that we are here yet again, trying to find the best things to tuck under the tree for our loved ones? If your loved ones are healthy foodies, I’ve got a good treat for you today. Here it comes, the 5 best gift ideas for healthy foodies!

      1. First on my list for always and forever, the Instant Pot! I’m sure you’ve heard of this guy by now ,it’s the newest, hottest kitchen gadget out there. That’s because the Instant Pot can do anything! This bad boy can saute your food before you then put it on the slow cooker function for the rest of the day. Or, what happens more often at my house, you get home to realize you forgot to put anything in the slow cooker, you just pop it in (even frozen!) and put in on the pressure cook function. Dinner will still be done quickly, and it will still be delicious! You can also cook beans and grains, and even make yogurt in it!
      2. Next up! My favorite cookbooks in the world are the 100 Days of Real Food cookbooks by Lisa Leake. She currently has two out, and they are easily the most used cookbooks in my house. The first cookbook is fantastic as a reference book, a great way to learn how to cut processed foods, what is good for you and what isn’t and why, and so much learning! Of course, it also has so many delicious recipes and menu plans. The second book is called Fast & Fabulous, and that’s because the recipes in this book are more focused on very quick meals. I NEED very quick meals, so this book gets used a lot! Either one (or both) would be a fantastic gift, to someone else or to yourself.
      3. The appliance used most in our house is definitely our trusty Blendtec blender. We have had our current one for only about 9 months, and the counter on the blender tells me I’ve used it more than 300 times. Three hundred times! That’s more than once a day, and I still love it and it’s still going strong. I’m so glad we have ours, and I definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone!
      4. Next up, something to put in that Blendtec every day. I love, love, love the Balance superfood shots by LifeEquals. Love them. Did I mention love? These guys are 1/2 of your days’ fruits and vegetables in one handy shot, and I love to add one to my smoothie every day as a way to really supercharge my nutrition for the day. If your friends are trying to get healthy, you can bet they’ll love this awesome boost, too! I recommend signing up for a subscription order, because then you can use the code ALL50 and get 1/2 off your order. You can always cancel the subscription later if you would like. Yum! (As a bonus, if you use that code to order supplements like their vitamins or probiotics, you will receive one free bottle for every bottle you buy. Their supplements are awesome too, and I also use those daily. This is a great deal!)5. Lastly, how would you like the gift of peace of mind when it comes to the dinnertime rush? I know I hate coming home and scrambling to figure out what’s for dinner. A gift membership to Real Plans is a great way to ease the dinnertime blues for your friends and family. I love that there are plans in there for any dietary need, it’s so nice for a family with food allergies or other restrictions (like my family has)! Gift receivers will be notified on the date of your choosing, so don’t worry about spoiling the surprise. You should probably grab one of these for you, too!

      So there you have it! The perfect gift list for those healthy (or healthyish) foodies in your life. Load them up with all the tools they need for a great start in the new year and they will love you for it.

      I hope you have the most amazing holiday season!

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