6 Perfect Gift Ideas for Foodies

Perfect Gift Ideas for Foodies
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Does this time of year make your brain hurt? Do you really want to give your family and friends just the right amazing thing to show them how much you love and appreciate them, but wonder what the heck is that thing?

Well, if your loved ones are foodies, I’m going to tell you six of those things. Hooray! Are you ready?

    1. First up, the Instant Pot. You guys, I am so in love! If you haven’t heard of these miracle workers, think about if your trusty rice cooker and your crock pot had a baby. But it’s not just a regular baby, it’s a super baby that can also saute food and make yogurt and dance and sing (ok, not dance, but it does sing), and is basically your new best friend. A few nights ago this baby took frozen chicken and a few other ingredients for me and made dinner in 15 minutes. 15 minutes!!!! If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.
    2. A good knife. When you watch those fancy cooking competitions, what’s the one thing a chef will bring on the show? You never see them pull out a pan or a wooden spoon that they brought from their home kitchen, but you quite often will see them pull out their own set of carefully wrapped knives. I have seen a huge difference in my own cooking confidence and ability since we upgraded our knives. This is the knife that we love and use the most in our kitchen.
    3. Anything cast iron. When Marquis and I got married, we were given the normal cheap cookware as wedding gifts. And we were super grateful, because without it we would have starved. However, as soon as we could we started getting better quality cookware, and after extensive research and experimentation we have decided that cast iron is the most awesome. We have several cast iron skillets that we use daily. Some of the enameled cast iron comes in super pretty colors, too! This is one that is super similar to one we just got, and I’m so excited to put it to use!
    4. Spatulas. Ok, this one seems like a basic, but not everyone understands the beauty of a new spatula. In fact, we didn’t even own one until a few years back when my sister stayed at our house to take care of our kids while we went on a trip. She got so frustrated with our lack of spatulas that she bought one and left it for us, and I’ve used it daily ever since. I love this version because it’s all one piece which means there’s no way for food to get stuck between the spatula and  handle. And BPA free!
    5. A beautiful new Blendtec. I would love if Santa would leave one of these under the tree for me! Pretty please, Santa? I’m a huge green smoothie fan. I highly recommend them and I have one for breakfast nearly every day. Blendtec simply is the best blender out there, and it can do so much more than just smoothies! They have a great deal going on right now too, so check them out.

      blendtec blenders
    6. Chocolate! I saved the best for last. Every year Santa puts at least one bar of dark chocolate in my stocking, although he’s usually smart enough to slip 3-4 in there. This is the brand that I usually keep in stock in my house year round.

So there you have a perfect list for the foodies and foodie wanna-be’s in your life. Who is on your gift list? What other ideas do you have?

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