8 Reasons Blendtec is Awesome

8 Ways Blendtec is Awesome

Cheap blenders are fine for a while.

When Marquis and I first got married, someone gave us a blender. This blender was as cheap as it gets, made of plastic and not very powerful. It sat in our cupboard for years, barely being used, until one day I made the decision to change my life and get healthy. I had heard that green smoothies were a good way to pack in a lot of nutrition, but I was a little nervous to give it a try. Can drinking a beverage with spinach and kale in it really taste good? But I was willing to do whatever it took to finally drop my weight and start feeling better, so I pulled out that cheap blender, washed off the years of dust, and gave it a try. Thus began my love affair with green smoothies, and I started having one for breakfast nearly every day.

Cheap doesn’t cut it.

There are always problems with a cheap blender, of course. The smoothies were delicious, except for the big chunks of fruit or spinach. The motor always had a hard time getting through those frozen chunks. That can be somewhat, well, less than appetizing. Also, I cut my fingers on those blender blades when washing it more times than I can count, ouch! Being used day after day didn’t work too well for my poor cheap blender, and it wasn’t long before it gave up the ghost.

So what was this health conscious, green smoothie addicted girl to do?

Best Blendtec Blenders

Research, that’s what I did. I’m a crazy research lady, and I have a hard time making decisions until I have weighed all the options. I read tons of reviews and watched several things get blended on YouTube (golf balls, hockey pucks, and iPhone smoothies, anyone?). And my conclusion was that Blendtec is the one for me.

Quality is important.

Believe me, I get it. I consider myself to be a very frugal lady. I have been known to click coupons, shop at thrift stores, and even barter to get what I need to save a few bucks. I may have even been called a cheapskate. But there are times that you save money in the long run by spending more up front. And when that blender comes with an 8 year warranty? Yeah, that feels pretty crazy good. When you have an appliance that you are going to use daily (sometimes more!), quality really is key! And this is a crazy awesome time to buy a Blendtec, you won’t find any better deals than those going on right now.

There seems to be a recent smoothie explosion, everyone is touting the benefits of these delicious bad boys! I’m not the only one who recognizes the power of packing so much nutrition into one cup. So let’s talk blenders, what is the best way to get all that smoothie goodness? By buying the right blender, you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Eight reasons to buy Blendtec:

  1. Chunkless green smoothies: The motor in this baby is 1500 watts, which means you can drink your smoothies instead of chew them.
  2. Multitasker: Sure, it’s got smoothies down. But what if you want to make soup, without actually putting a pot on the stove? Or you have a hankering for ice cream, but don’t have an ice cream machine? You can do it all in one machine!
  3. It’s smart: You have a smart phone, why not a smart blender, too? It varies the speed to make sure those greens stuck to the side are sucked in and pulverized into the smoothie and it knows just how fast to go to heat up that delicious butternut squash soup.
  4. Grinding: I love to keep my flaxseed whole, then grind it when I’m just about to use it. The Blendtec can handle that, of course, but it can also handle bigger grains. Grind your own flour, right in the same jar.
  5. Kid friendly: My girls love to be in the kitchen helping me cook. I get nervous letting them near the heat and the knives, but I love that they are able to load up the jar and push the buttons all by themselves. I love anything I can do to build their confidence in the kitchen!
  6. Easy to clean: I think this might just be my favorite thing! Put some warm water in the blender with one (just one!) drop of dish soap, pulse it a couple of times, rinse it out, and boom, done! If only you could clean kids that easily! And the blunt blades mean no more cut fingers.
  7. BPA free: Delicious healthy food without yucky chemical leaching in? Sounds like a great plan to me!
  8. Fits in the kitchen: There aren’t many blenders, especially not the big, fancy ones, that fit under a standard countertop. You have to love when your appliances fit your life!

Isn’t it about time you treated yourself to a Blentec?

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