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Back to School – The Lunchbox Edition

Wait, what? It’s August? How the… And school starts in less than 2 weeks? Sheesh!

Do you feel as shell shocked as I do? Although, at the same time I just can’t help but feel relief that my sweet girls, who are very tired of each other, will have something else to do during the day.

How about we celebrate with a little roundup of all things school lunch?

Back to School Lunchbox Edition


First and foremost, when school starts I will be posting my daughter’s lunches on my Instagram account, so make sure you are following me. It’s right here:

Part of making school lunch a success is having the right tools, so I’m going to share a few of my favorites.

  • Insulated lunch box – we have one about this size and shape. We like it best because it easily fits all our different lunch containers.

    • Divided plastic containers – We use these so much! They are good not only for lunches, but to take snacks to the movies, breakfast to the grandparents, or even just for a fun lunch at home. One note, they leak, so don’t put anything too gooey in here.

    • Containers with screw-on lids – These are what we use for anything that could leak like yogurt or applesauce. We love that it’s easy for our daughter to twist the top off of these. Make sure to think about if your littles can open the containers! We made that oops at first.

    • Thermos – This is probably the thing I am most glad that we purchased for her lunches! I love that I can send her with a hot lunch, especially on those really cold days. We do tons of leftover soup, so this piece is crucial.

    • Water bottle – Your kids don’t need anything more than water! You can dress it up if needed with some lemons, lime, cucumber, etc. in the drink. Even just some ice in the cup can help kids be more open to plain water. We love this water bottle, a thermos type like this will keep the water colder, which makes it easier to drink for those who aren’t water fans.

      • Ice packs – We like these ones, but there are lots of great options!

      • Silicone cupcake cups – These are great for when the divided containers just aren’t quite divided enough.

    • Popsicle molds – Leftover green smoothies are a great “treat” lunch, or after-school snack. We like these ones:

Of course, you don’t need to go buy all of these things, start with one or two that you feel you would use the most.

Here are some tips and tricks that really help us send a healthy lunch each day:

  • Pack lunch the night before as you are preparing dinner
  • Have the kids help
  • Use up leftovers
  • Keep a freezer stash (see below)
  • Pack water as the beverage
  • Pack at least 2 different kinds of produce

Here is what I like to keep in my freezer stash:

  • Whole wheat muffins
  • Homemade soups
  • Pizza crust/sauce
  • Homemade whole wheat waffles
  • Frozen fruits and veggies

And last but not least, you need some ideas of what to send in those lunchboxes! Here are some quick ideas. Again, I recommend sending at least two different kinds of fruits or veggies in each lunch.

  • Quesadillas and homemade salsa
  • Yogurt and granola
  • Pizza bites
  • Tacos
  • Sandwich wraps
  • Homemade soup or chili
  • Refried beans with cheese
  • Sandwiches with unprocessed ingredients
  • Waffle sandwiches with cream cheese filling
  • Frozen smoothie pops
  • Make your own pizza
  • Rainbow veggies and hummus
  • Whole wheat muffins
  • Quinoa salad
  • Homemade lunchables
  • Oatmeal
  • Leftovers
  • Mini quiches
  • Hard boiled eggs

You can see some of the lunches we sent last year in these posts:

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Phew! That’s a lot of info! Do you feel more ready for school to start? What are your favorite school lunch ideas? Don’t forget to pin this page for later.

Have a great school year!


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