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Why do diet programs fail? Why do you get results for a little while, but then fall off the wagon?

The answer is that motivation is finite, you only get a certain amount. You can refill your motivation bucket with things like time, new things like a cute workout outfit or a new playlist, or accountability partners, but when motivation runs out, it’s out. When it’s gone, you fall back onto your habits and systems.

The good news is that you can create healthy habits and systems that will serve you and keep you on the path to your goals, even when motivation has left the building. This program is designed to fill your motivation bucket to give you the very best start, while at the same time helping you build healthy habits for long-term success!

We aren’t interested in short-term progress here. This program is for you if you are looking for weight loss and health results that last for the long-term!

Each month we work together to build a new healthy habit. The new challenges each month and the community participation provide the continued deposits into your motivation bucket, and by the end of each month you’ll have a new healthy habit under your belt to support you when that bucket is empty. Long-term success is within your grasp!

Your first month is only $29, so sign up today!


Hi! I'm Emily, weight loss and PCOS/infertility Health Coach helping you to put healthy eating on autopilot through the power of healthy habits. Come eat with me!

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