How to create the perfect morning routine

Having a deliberate morning routine can be a total game-changer. Because we are all different, my perfect morning routine won’t necessarily be the perfect routine for you. This lesson will teach you how to create a morning routine that works for you and your family. Let’s go!

When you when complete a series of actions over and over, it creates neural pathways in our brains. The first few times you do your routines, you will have to consciously complete those tasks. Each time you do the routine, you are creating a neural pathway in your brain. When you intentionally build your morning and carve healthy neural pathways, that is the secret to putting healthy living on autopilot! You no longer have to think about it.

Let’s look at some actions that can be part of your healthy morning routine:

  • Warm lemon water. Squeeze half a lemon into a mug of warm water and enjoy it. Get your hydration first thing and start to wake up your body. See week 1’s weekly mini-challenge for more info.
  • Some time for prayer, meditation, a moment of gratitude, or something similar. If it’s possible, get up a few minutes before the kids/husband/dog to have some time alone in the quiet.
  • Exercise. There is so much power in getting your body moving first thing in the morning. When you do a workout first thing in the morning before breakfast, your body uses your glycogen stores for energy, which is a fancy way to say that it burns fat more efficiently. We love that!
  • A healthy breakfast. Get as much nutrition into your first morning meal as possible, and be sure to balance it with healthy protein, healthy fat, lots of greens, and fiber.

Your assignment right now is to sit down and write down all the things that are necessary for your morning. For example, for me, I need to also have a shower and help my kids get ready for school. Once you have a list of the things that are necessary for you, put them in an order that makes sense and stick to that routine for the next few days. Do you need to tweak something? Do you need to wake up earlier? Or maybe you need to exercise before meditation instead of after? Make changes that make it work for you. Feel free to make changes later also, as life changes, your morning routine will also need to change.

Now tell me, what do you include in your morning routine? How do you make sure you start your day off right? Let me know in the comments below, in the Facebook group, or in the forums. I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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