Unprocessed protein

As you probably already know, protein is the building blocks of our muscles. Everyone needs protein, but the problem is that most people are getting their protein these days from very processed sources. Thankfully, there are many delicious proteins that are unprocessed.

First off, you can get protein from beans and nuts, but they have their own lesson, so please go read about them there.

Of course, you’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” But have you heard, “You are what what you eat, eats”? Think about that for just a moment. When you eat a burger, your body is not only absorbing the vitamins and nutrients from the meat, but also from what that cow was eating. If the cow was fed on genetically modified grain, cereal seconds, and other things that cows were not born to eat, you yourself will be receiving lower quality nutrition from that meat. However, if the cow was grazing and eating the grass that it was intended to eat, your food, in turn, has more nutrition. Not only that, the flavor is so much better from animals that were raised ethically, eating the things that they are naturally supposed to eat!

Here are some ideas for healthy, unprocessed protein:

  • Eggs are a great source of unprocessed protein! Look for cartons that say “Pastured” for the best eggs, and of course organic is always good. Cage-free doesn’t mean much, as they could have been without a cage but inside a building their entire lives. Omega-3 eggs mean they were probably fed flaxseeds, which can increase the amount of Omega-3s in the eggs. That’s a good thing, but pastured is still the best.
  • For chicken, organic pastured chickens are best, but always do your best and don’t worry about the rest. When using precooked chicken, the ingredient list should only include chicken with no additives.
  • Again, pastured pork is the best, most nutritious (and delicious) pork. For pork products like bacon and sausage, read the ingredient lists and buy only those that are free of nitrites, nitrates, and MSG. Read ingredient lists carefully!
  • For beef, a portion is about the size of your palm. Ground beef should be free of additives, read those ingredient lists always! Grass-fed/finished beef is the best.
  • For lunch/deli meats, use only those that are free of nitrites, nitrates, and MSG. You’ll soon become a pro at reading ingredient lists!
  • Most protein powders on the market are highly processed, full of lots of sugar and other ingredients that have no place in your body. There are a few clean versions out there, so watch ingredient lists carefully. We use and enjoy these ones:

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