Week Four’s Mini Challenge

Your mini-challenge for this last week of March is morning meditation, gratitude moment, or prayer.

This lesson changed dramatically from what I had originally intended it to be because in the past two weeks COVID-19 flipped the world on its head. In our family, we are still adjusting to life as a work-at-home homeschool family who only leaves for the occasional walk. We are doing very well, but there is some inherent stress that just comes simply from change. Life is entirely new and weird right now, so even if you are well stocked with toilet paper and food and you enjoy staying home, there is probably some underlying stress that can be resolved with some quiet morning moments.

Even in times of peace and normalcy, our brains need moments of reflection and gratitude. If you are a religious person, the quiet of the morning is also a great time for prayer, pondering, and scripture study.

Your challenge for this week is to add some kind of quiet moment to your morning for pondering, prayer, and/or meditation. This can be as short as five minutes. I’ll list several ideas for each area below, but feel free to try just one. In fact, the temptation could be to add in several because they all sound beneficial and fun, but I encourage you to start with just one, then add more later on if you would like.

If you would like to try meditation, I suggest the app Headspace. It has a free trial period so you can see if you like it. There are also countless meditations on Youtube, mindbodygreen.com, and so many other places online. If you find one you love, would you please share it with us?

Another practice that is incredibly beneficial is gratitude journaling. I have this gratitude journal and I absolutely love it! You certainly don’t need a fancy journal for this practice, though. You can buy a simple notebook and each day write in three things that you are grateful for. It is best if these things are specific. It would be really easy to simply list “family, home, job” over and over each day, but you don’t get the same results that way as when you really go deep. Some examples from my own journals are things like, “Date night with my husband,” “The beautiful sunset last night,” or “The seedlings that have started growing in my garden.” Think about what specific things happened over the past 24 hours and what you are grateful for, then list them. This switches your brain into an abundance mindset, helping you relax, and relieving stress.

Lastly, if you are a religious person, I suggest taking the time to connect with whatever higher power you believe in first thing in the morning. Whether that means prayer, pondering, scripture study, or whatever that looks like to you, take the time to reflect on the things that you believe and make that connection.

So tell me, what one way will you be adding in meditation, gratitude moments, or spiritual moments this next week? Let us know, either in the Facebook group, in the forums here, or by emailing me at Emily@healthbyemily.com. I can’t wait to hear what you’re up to!

Photo by dorota dylka on Unsplash

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