Whole grain starch

Trying to find some kind of baked item that is actually whole grain can be strangely difficult to do. You think you’re doing well because you bought the bread that says “whole wheat” on the package and has a brown tint to it, but then you turn it over and read the ingredient list and discover that there is very little whole grain involved. Instead, there is a long list of words like “enriched” and “refined,” and other words that you can’t pronounce.

So how do you find the real thing? Look for these things:

  • Five ingredients or less in the ingredient list.
  • The ingredient list includes only words you recognize (not every science-y word is bad, google if you aren’t sure).
  • Enriched, refined, anything like that means the grains have been stripped of the bran, which is where all the nutrition lives. It needs to say “whole” before each grain.
  • Make it easy by making your baked goods at home using whole grain flour.

Like with whole plant starches, any kind of starch or carb should be eaten in moderation. One piece of bread is plenty for a serving!

Photo by Hüseyin on Unsplash

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