Final TAM Metamorphosis Update

(So technically I’m not done until after my workout tomorrow, but I don’t care, I’m calling it now! That workout will still get done.)

And now for my final TAM Metamorphosis udpate!

After my last TAM post, one of my best friends, Amy, who also happens to be my favorite photographer, took pity on me and allowed me to pay her in cookies and Dr. Pepper for some amazing after pics. Have I mentioned that I adore Amy? You should love her, too, check out her photography blog here and go like her Facebook page here! Amy, you are the greatest, thank you again!

About a year ago Amy also took this picture of me and my cute family. I love that my sweet baby had to point out my face. “This is my mom, right here, see her?”

I don’t love the rest of  me in this pic. That poor jacket, straining so hard to hold me in!

I promised you some truly horrid before pics, though, and I aim to please, so here is one from last summer.

And just to get really icky, here’s a side view.

Not long after that my baby turned one and I started to exercise again, doing a rotation of yoga, Pilates and Turbo Jam. I was losing weight, but slowly, a total of 25 pounds over about 6 months. I was very bored with the exercise DVDs I had and started to look for new ones, and that is when I found the Tracy Anderson Method. I ordered the Omnicentric Metamorphosis, and now 90 days later, here I am:

My brother in law mentioned to me that he almost didn’t recognize me any more. This was so sweet of him to say and I have thought about this a lot, but I have realized that I do recognize me. This is who I knew was inside there somewhere all along, and I’m so very glad I found her again!

Tangent: One thing to know about having pics taken by Amy, she is hilarious. I think in half the pictures she caught me mid laugh!

Thank you Tracy, for helping me find myself again. And thank you Amy, for taking beautiful pics to show me what I’ve been able to accomplish.

So, my final stats. This past week I’ve been able to lose another 2 pounds, which means I’m down 27 total since starting TAM and 52 total from last summer. If I put each of my little girls on a hip and stand on the scale, the number would be the same as me all by myself a year ago. Remember how I said Level 9 was hard? Like the hardest thing I’ve ever done? Yeah, I’ve totally conquered it. Oh, it’s still hard, and I’m panting like crazy and fountaining sweat by the end, but I can do every rep instead of collapsing into heap after just 10 or so. For my inches, I’m not officially supposed to measure until tomorrow, but I did it anyway. During this level so far I have lost another inch off my chest, half an inch from my waist and half an inch from each thigh. I have added it up and I have lost a grand total of 23-1/2 inches all over my body since starting TAM. I feel crazy awesome right now!

So what now? I have 3 more pounds to go before I get to my goal weight. I also still have some areas that I would love to tone up even more. Plus, Tracy has turned me into an exercise junkie, I need my endorphin fix every morning in order to be a good, happy wife and mom. Because of all that, I start the TAM Continuity program on Monday, and I will continue to do this six days a week, hopefully for the rest of my life!

A big thanks to all of you for reading my updates every week, for all the kind words of encouragement in the comments, on Facebook, and in real life. It really has helped me so much! Y’all are awesome, and I love ya.

To find out more about TAM, read the rest of my updates here.

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  1. Hey I’ve just found your website now 4 years later — thanks for sharing this you are inspiring!

    Bless you and cheering you on!

    Nat from Australia!
    The Writer’s Ink

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