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This journey has been absolutely amazing. For the past three years I feel like I have been led by the hand, step by step, to where I need to be. I have been led to the people, books, blogs, information, and tools I needed to to completely change my life. I have then been led to an amazing school where I have enjoyed every moment, I have learned so much, and grown even more into the person that I want to be. Step by step I have had a passion ignited in my soul, first a generalized passion for all things heath and wellness, and now that passion is being honed.

Of course, I want to help everyone. But as I get further into this journey, I have naturally been drawn to people like me. I know there are so many busy working moms out there just like me who want to feed their families healthy food, but have no idea how to fit it in in the time that they have.

Also, lately I have been looking more at the children in my life. Obviously my own children are incredibly important for me, and I am constantly working to make sure they have the things that they need. In addition, I am now in charge of the children’s program in my church, so the lives of these little ones are very much at the front of my mind. I’ve seen the power of food in my life, and I know the earlier we implement these changes, the better off our kids will be. I’ve gotten really fired up about the food environment surrounding our kids, and I’ve been wanting to do more about it.

And that brings me to my big announcement!

Have you heard of Jamie Oliver? That cute British chef, also known as the Naked Chef? (Don’t worry, it’s the recipes that are stripped down and naked, not Jamie.) Jamie has started a movement that he calls the Food Revolution. He is working to change the landscape of food in this country, especially in schools and wherever children are eating. He has started an annual Food Revolution Day to raise awareness. He even had a reality show where he went into schools and taught children and their families about food.

And now I get to be a Food Revolution Ambassador!

I’m going to be working in my community to raise awareness, to teach people to cook, and most importantly, to do what I can to change the food that our children are used to eating every day. The next Food Revolution Day isn’t until next May, but I wanted to get started spreading the word now so that when May comes we have a nice army out there to fight for change.

Cooking with kids

Once a month they will send me a challenge, and I’m going to turn around and ask you to do some of the same challenges. Keep an eye here and on my Facebook page so you can play along. For this month, because it’s Halloween, you (and I) are challenged to make something that scares you. It could be a recipe you’ve wanted to try but it seems a little too hard, an unfamiliar ingredient, or a new cooking technique.

In case you aren’t familiar with Jamie Oliver and his work, or even if you are, here is an amazing talk he gave a few years back. Yes, I know it’s 20 minutes long, but it’s worth taking the time.

So who is with me? What are your biggest concerns when it comes it our kids and the food they eat? And what are you going to cook for the scary food challenge?


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