It’s here, it’s here! It’s Food Revolution Day!

A few days ago, my girls came to me with some markers and asked me to write on their hands. At first my reaction was, no way! At least, until I realized that they were telling me that we needed a new picture to promote Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. And oh, this momma’s heart swelled, I was so proud! We immediately took the pictures and I posted them on Instagram and Facebook.IMG_20150511_165449

A day or two later, I hopped onto and there my cute girlies were, just hanging out with Ed Sheeran and Jamie Oliver!

Food Revolution Day Site

I was so excited, and so were they! And then yesterday morning my girls accompanied me on my latest visit to the Good Things Utah studios to do a little promoting for Food Revolution Day, look how cute my girlies are:

The kids are our future. I think Jamie Oliver has it right, we need to start with our kids, and we need to start now! We need to get them in the kitchen, teaching them the basics of cooking and introducing them to healthy foods.

Listen, I get it. Kids are picky, and feeding them good things is really hard. I know! I’ve definitely been the one with the child crying under the table because she didn’t like her dinner. I think the thing that I loved the most about my daughters bringing me the markers that day is that it was just more evidence that what I am teaching them is soaking in. It soaks in slowly, that’s for sure, but they are starting to understand! And that is so very incredible to me.

Have you signed the petition yet? Today is the last day, please head over to and sign it, share it, then go have some fun in the kitchen with your kids!

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