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Quick info for those who like to get to the point: I’m hosting a free Green Smoothie Challenge, starting this coming Monday, January 4th! Are you in? Enter your info here to register:

This year I’m ditching New Year’s Resolutions and going for the idea of an annual theme or a word for the year. The theme/word that I have chosen to focus on this year is “Nourish.”

Instead of looking for a particular number on the scale, I’m going to make sure that the foods I eat nourish my body and give me what I need to feel good in my skin. I’m going to move in ways that feel good, and I’m going to rest when my body tells me I need to rest (I need lots of practice with that part!). I’m going to ensure that the words I use are nourishing and kind, both to others and to myself. And I’m going to show up for you, my lovely friends, more than ever before, to make sure that you have the help you need to live a nourishing life as well.

Now, what about you?

I sent this same message out in an email to my people, and so many of you responded with your own words and themes for the year. You guys are amazing! As I was thinking about what you’re going to accomplish and how I could help get you started, I decided to host a Green Smoothie Challenge to help you start off the new year on the right foot!

Of course, this challenge will definitely something healthy for breakfast each day, but it also does so much more!

  • These smoothie recipes are specially formulated to balance your blood sugar first thing in the morning, which keeps you full longer, reduces cravings later in the day, and begins to balance your hormones.
  • The simple act of preparing a smoothie daily helps you to practice healthy habit formation, which can then lead to building other healthy habits in the future.
  • You get to try new recipes! I’ve made it as simple as possible by handing you the most delicious recipes that I have in my rotation.
  • You will save time in the mornings! I’m also giving you a plan to show you how to make your breakfast incredibly fast and simple so you will reach for healthy options each day.

We start with a live kickoff webinar on Monday, January 4 at 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time. (Don’t worry if you can’t attend live, you’ll have access to the replay all week!)

You can then choose to try a different, delicious recipe each day, or you can choose one recipe to use each day for the entire week. Download your recipes, hit the store this weekend to grab your ingredients, and be ready to start on Monday!

And be sure to share this challenge with all your friends, these challenges are always more fun to do together!

My goal with this challenge is to give you a new, healthy habit that will help you nourish your body for the entire year! 

I can’t wait to get started with you! Enter your info below, and I’ll see you at the kickoff on Monday night!

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