Hail the Conquering Hero, a TAM Continuity Update

Someone should be playing Taps in the background right now. In fact, here:


It’s weird, I’m a little bit sad about this. I’ve been clearing out my closet of all the stuff that is just gigantic on me now, and I came across these:
 I bought these exercise pants about 10 years ago. We’ve been through a lot together. Although my big weight loss has been just this past year, I have exercised on an off for forever. These pants have seen me through years of infertility doing my wacky “Yoga for Fertility” DVDs, they saw me through elliptical machine rides at the rec center where CG had her swimming lessons when I would work out while she swam (before her move to California, of course) and because of the stretchy fabric and the drawstring waist, I was able to wear these through two pregnancies, although admittedly they were worn a whole lot more during the first one than the second. I’ve worn these pants so much that I split the seams on the inside of the legs.
Whoops! But I kept wearing them anyway, because when you exercise at 5:00 a.m. in the privacy of your own home, who cares if your pants have holes? A few months ago, when I could no longer keep them up simply by pulling the drawstring as tightly as I could, and when I found some new ones at Marshall’s for just $6 (woohoo!), these pants were banished to the back of the closet. And today, well, today these pants are going in the garbage. They are not even fit to donate they are so worn out.
Goodbye, my friend, thank you for everything.
It’s super weird to feel sad about throwing away pants, isn’t it?
Um, so….    anyway
Here is me this past Sunday:
(Please ignore the fact that I look at little crazy, and stop thinking about how I just proved that I’m crazy by writing an obituary for some pants, k? It was the third pic Marquis had taken, and in the first two my eyes were shut, so I was just trying to make sure they were open.)
So here is the update. I still love TAM! So far I have done the 90 days of Metamorphosis, and I didn’t miss a single day. I started Continuity as soon as I finished Meta, and there was one week that I moved my rest day by one day, but I still haven’t missed any days. I’m almost done with 90 days of Continuity, and I have already received the DVDs for my next 90 days so I can keep going. Continuity has been very good, some levels are harder than others, but overall I’ve really enjoyed it. The level I’m doing right now has a move where you are doing leg lifts while doing a headstand! It’s crazy hard, but I feel so awesome and powerful while I’m doing it. When I’m not falling over, of course.
And what about my results? Well, my weight loss has slowed a lot, but really I just plain don’t have much more to lose, and I’m happy to be leveling off. I’ve lost 2 more pounds since my last update a month and a half ago. That means that I have lost 35 pounds since starting TAM, and 60 total from what I was last year. Sixty pounds!!!! I just love saying that. Hey people, did you know I’ve lost 60 pounds? Sixty, 60, 60, gone, gone, gone. I’ve also slowed down a lot on losing inches, but again there really isn’t that much left to lose. I’ve noticed a whole lot more toning going on, and all that loose, ugly extra skin on my belly is starting to go away. Oh, and want to hear something awesome? A year ago I wore a size 18 pants. Today? Yeah, I’m a size 4. Four!!! I wasn’t even a size 4 in high school. The only way I ever thought I would ever see a size 4 in my closet was if somehow CG’s jeans were accidentally put away in the wrong place.
But here’s the thing, I love TAM, obviously. I love how strong and toned I’m getting without bulking up. But when it comes to losing weight, only 20% of weight loss comes from exercise. The other 80% of what causes you to lose weight is what you put in your mouth. On this blog I haven’t really said much at all about what I eat, and I’ve suddenly had so many people asking me about it. So for the next little while you are going to be hearing about what I eat, a lot. As I do this, please let me know what you think and if you want more or less food talk. I can’t wait to share!
To find out more about TAM, read the rest of my updates here, or go check out the Tracy Anderson website here.  The people at TAM haven’t give me anything to talk about them, I just like to blab about the things I like.

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