Healthy Living Prime Day Deals!

Updated! I’ve added new finds and your suggestions for other great deals to the top of this list. Enjoy!

(This post contains affiliate links. You get the same awesome Prime Day price, and I get a small kickback for sending you their way. I only ever promote products that I use and love myself.)

Today is Prime Day on Amazon! I wanted to quickly tell you about the deals that I’m super excited about that can help you in your quest for healthier living! These are the tools we use and love, and I know they will help you, too.

Updated: Here are a few additions that I’m adding to the top of this list. Great stuff here!

This is a super thick yoga mat, great for whatever workout you are obsessed with!

New Balance has become one of my favorite brands of athletic shoes, and this price can’t be beat.

I just bought this Fitbit Alta HR. I’ll let you know what I think, but I’m excited to have a higher quality fitness tracker, at a price that really appeals to my frugal side!

Having cute workout clothes is a great way to motivate you to hit the mat and get your workout in! Here are some cute pieces of athletic gear to keep you looking great as you do your favorite workout:


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First up, the ever-beloved Instant Pot is at the lowest price I’ve seen in a long, long time! These machines can cook frozen meat faster than you can hit a drive-through. They are easy to use and are the real powerhouse in our kitchen. We have two, and I’m seriously eyeing this deal because yes, there are times I wish we had a third!

The other powerhouse in our kitchen, the one that gets used multiple times a day, is our trusty Blendtec. We do smoothies for breakfast most mornings, I use it to chop and dice small things, and love to whip up batches of hummus. We have had our current Blendtec since this past October and it has been used more than 350 times! This really is an amazing tool that can optimize your time in the kitchen.

This next one might seem like a strange suggestion for a health/fitness website, but I really don’t know what we would do without our Alexa dot. Before we got one of these I thought they were so silly and that we would never use it. Then we were given one and I was surprised to find that I used it ALL THE TIME. I play my exercise playlists on it, set timers for cooking (and for tasks for my kids), I add things to my shopping list just by telling Alexa to add it, and so many other things! I had no idea we would use it so much, but now we just might have several around our house, and maybe the automobile version in our car. I’m a little obsessed.

The biggest thing you can do to improve your health and lose weight is to cook from scratch at home. But of course we aren’t always at home, are we? That’s why I suggest everyone have some kind of insulated lunch box they can use to pack a lunch with them on the road. This one is a fantastic deal and is super cute! It even comes with the food containers and your ice pack.

One way to motivate you to get enough water is to have a pretty water bottle! I love all of these:

We waited WAY too long to finally get a Kitchenaid mixer, and I LOVE it. LOVE IT!!!!! I might have hugged our Kitchenaid once or twice, but I’ll never tell. Having beautiful and functional cooking equipment is another great way to get you in the kitchen!

So there are just a few great healthy living deals to get you started. The prices on Amazon are so great that I encourage you to go explore and see what else you can find, then come back and let me know what treasures you find!

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