“He who fails to plan…”

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“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” You’ve heard this quote from Winston Churchill, right? Let me give you a personal example of this concept from my own life, just a few years ago.

I hated being 70 pounds overweight, and I really wanted to change that. I had decided, again, to make a real life change. But it was dinnertime, and once again I was standing in front of the fridge trying to decide what to make for dinner. We had just gone grocery shopping two days before, and the fridge and the cupboards were both full of food. So how was it possible that there was absolutely nothing to eat?

My stomach rumbled as I poked through the fridge. Could I somehow make a culinary masterpiece with ketchup and leftover mashed potatoes? If I was so hungry, why didn’t anything sound good?

“You could always just order pizza,” a familiar voice whispered in the back of my head. “You have been eating fairly healthy all day, and ordering this once won’t hurt.” (Is it bad that I’m admitting to the whole interwebs that I hear voices? It’s just the food voice, I promise!) And so I found myself online, ordering pizza through the nifty new online service that also tells me when the pizza is in the oven and when it is on it’s way. (Can you tell that I used to have a pizza obsession? Well, maybe I still do a little. Can you blame me? Pizza is delicious!)

But here’s the problem. This same voice had whispered a couple of days before that, and three times the week before, although sometimes it whispered of burgers or sandwiches or something else equally as convenient and unhealthy. All those times of ordering “just this once” really add up, as my overweight and unhealthy body could have told you.

So what is the solution? It’s quite simple. You just have to have a plan! Let’s consider for a moment the same scenario, I’m standing in front of my fridge thinking about dinner. People have started to complain that they are hungry, and my own rumbly belly agrees. However, this time, stuck right to the front of the fridge is the meal plan for the week, printed right after the good people at eMeals sent it to me. They also sent me the shopping list, which I had taken to the store right away and now the fridge holds all the healthy ingredients I need. I grab the recipe and get dinner on the table, and faster than the delivery man could arrive.  And it is way healthier for us!

What does meal planning look like in your house?


I definitely suggest trying out the free trial from eMeals. See just how good it can feel to have a healthy meal plan in place!

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2 thoughts on ““He who fails to plan…””

  1. I agree completely! Meal planning is the key! I try to prep as much as i can on sundays, so that I can put together healthy meals quickly for lunches and dinners.

    1. Thank you Mary! I think having a prep day can be so powerful! I also try to do a little extra prep each day, anytime I have a few spare minutes. It really helps us stay on track!

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