My One Year TAMiversary

I’m a little late, but as of January 16, it has officially been one year since I started my Tracy Anderson Method journey. A year is really quite enough time for someone to decide how much they like something. So, what’s my opinion now? Well, check me out and see if you can guess the answer.
This picture was taken this past Saturday night. I was going on a much needed date with my handsome hubby, and sometimes when you are going on a hot date with your handsome hubby, you just want to punch some people in the face with a bit hit of red. In a case like that, if you don’t have red skinny jeans, it’s a good idea to call your niece who does have some and borrow hers. And if that niece is only 13 and a size 4, well, you feel pretty incredibly awesome that her pants fit just fine.
For my stats, I’ve quit measuring because all my numbers have been holding steady, except that my biceps increased a quarter of an inch. I don’t mind a little bit of a gun show going on, though, so that is just fine by me. 
Alas, I can no longer say that I have lost and kept off 60 pounds. Instead, somehow I have accidentally dropped another 3 pounds, so now I’m sitting at 63 total pounds gone. Keeping it off (and losing 3 more!) has really seemed effortless, although there is no way I will ever go back to my old way of eating, and I will always, always exercise at least 5-6 days a week. I refuse to go back to the lazy, crappy feeling couch potato that I was. 
But here’s the deal. I’m afraid I have done a little bit of cheating on Tracy. Tracy, I’m so very sorry! See, here’s what happened. This past summer out of nowhere I received an email about training to be a fitness instructor for a new kind of dance cardio. The email was addressed to fitness instructors and gym owners, but just because I am the curious type and because it sounded like a lot of fun, I responded and said that I was neither a fitness instructor or a gym owner, but could I please come play too? I was told that yes, of course I could come, and so I showed up and learned how to teach QiDANCE. Those who have truly been baptized into the church of Tracy know that doing any other type of exercise is a huge no-no, but since Tracy isn’t going to open up a fancy gym here in rural Utah any time soon for me to go teach at, I justified it by saying that at least it’s still dance cardio, so close to the same thing, right? I still do her dance cardio quite often and I do the muscular structure work every day. Plus, check out how fun this looks!
So now I’m teaching at a small gym close to our new home. I LOVE teaching! Before teaching at the gym I was doing a free class on Saturday mornings, too, and I have had so much fun doing this! If you will be anywhere near Payson, Utah on a Saturday morning at 10:30, you should definitely stop by Payson Total Fitness and spend an hour dancing with me. 
So there is my one year update. My verdict on TAM a whole year later is still glowing, I can’t say enough good about Tracy and her method! I am so grateful for her help in what I have been able to accomplish. And Tracy, I really hope you forgive me a little QiDANCE here and there. 

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