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Today I’d like to introduce you to the most amazing person I know, my dear husband Marquis. He is going to start contributing to this blog more and so I wanted to do a formal introduction, which I made him write himself, because I’m bossy like that. I’ve added a little bit of my own commentary because, although I am bossy, I also can’t leave things alone. Sorry sweetheart, I love you!

Also, I promise I didn’t make him say all these nice things about me, he’s just awesome like that. And here’s his handsome face:

Allen 36 5x7

I guess I should take a minute to introduce myself.  I’m Marquis, and I’m the guy who’s lucky enough, not only to be married to the woman of my dreams, but to have 3 of the best girls in the world. 

CG* has been one of my best friends since her mom and I got divorced (no big divorce story, just didn’t work out and we are both much happier now).  Sweetheart* is, as you have all noticed I’m sure, a real sweetheart and everyone falls in love with her.  Princess* (I’ve never quite agreed with that name and might find my own name for her) is a little piece of her daddy, that little smile that means she is about to do something really crazy makes me laugh.  I hope she keeps that spirit forever and that her mom and grandmother live through it.

I would describe myself as maybe Adrian Monk combined with Alton Brown.  I have a lot of OCD issues, but not enough to really get in the way (thanks again to my lovely wife for all her help), and I love to cook, and understand why things work the way they do.  To be clear, I do not follow recipes, I cook.  I emphasize that because I really can’t follow a recipe.  I really have a hard time doing anything I am told to do and a recipe is really just a list of someone else’s rules.  Why would I follow that?  They don’t know me or what I like.

I am also not a health food nut hippie like my wife.  I like food.  I like good food, and I really like the best food.  To get the best for a decent price you really have to make it yourself, so the whole clean eating thing (which was really my idea) makes a lot of sense to me from that perspective.

I will be contributing to the blog here occasionally with some real food recipes (guidelines really).  For the most part they’ll be hearty good home cooking types of things, not really heart healthy or low cal stuff, but in my opinion at least, good food, made simply and letting the food itself stand on its own.

*(Note from Emily: These are the code names we use for our girls on our family blog. These aren’t their real names, in case you were worried or thinking we are crazy. Or crazier than we actually are. )

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