Eating for PCOS Relief Program

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For years and years, I was told by doctors that if I could only lose weight, it would probably relieve my PCOS symptoms and help me to finally get pregnant, but they gave no guidance on how to lose that stubborn weight. They didn’t tell me that part of the reason it was so hard to lose was the PCOS itself. No matter how much I exercised and ate “healthy” things, I couldn’t shift any weight.

After many, many years, I learned what food is actually healthy, and what is hype. I learned how to eat for PCOS, which helped me to finally lose the weight, balance my hormones, dramatically reduce my PCOS symptoms, and have two beautiful miracle babies.

PCOS symptom relief is possible, and I can’t wait to show you how!

The 3-Month Eating for PCOS Relief program includes:

  • Weekly video lessons teaching the science and nutrition of PCOS and hormone balance.
  • Weekly meal plans including breakfast, lunch, snacks,¬†and dinner, complete with shopping lists.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Finally feeling free of the¬†entrapment of PCOS!

This program is $300, with a $50 discount for paying in full, making your total $250. You also have the option of paying three monthly payments of $100 each.

The program starts in February 2019. Please enter your email address below to get on the waiting list: