Summing Up June

Whoa guys, what just happened? The past two weeks have felt so very busy to me, like I could barely keep my head above water. This poor blog was certainly ignored. (Blowing dust off the pages) And yet, looking back, I can’t tell you what I have been doing to be so much more busy than normal. In fact, the beginning of June pretty much took every once of energy and concentration I had to all my usual stuff in, plan for our trip, and everything else that life just throws at you. And maybe that’s it? Maybe I just ran out of gas, and so time slowed down and so did I.



In any case, June had to leave with or without my consent, and July is here, ready or not.

How was your July? What did you do? Any fun vacations, or staycations? What does July hold in store for you?

And most of all, how did you do on the Sexy Summer Arms Challenge? Do you feel stronger? Did the shape of your arms change? I would even love to see pictures if you have them!

Tracy Anderson: Precision Toning

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2 thoughts on “Summing Up June

  1. Hi! So glad I found your blog! I also love Tracy Anderson’s workouts. Can I ask where you got the ‘TA’ wrist weights from?

    1. Hi Yvette, I’m so glad you found me! I got them from the Tracy Anderson website. I shopped around a lot and the price was pretty comparable, and I’ve really enjoyed them!

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