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Just when you thought you didn’t like beets…

  I used to hate beets. I didn’t understand how anyone could eat those slimy, weird things, they were NOT good. And then, as a young bride, my mother-in-law fed them to me. You have to make a good impression on your mother-in-law, especially at first, right? You have to eat what she serves when… Continue reading Just when you thought you didn’t like beets…

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Oatmeal Cookie Energy Bites – 100 Days of Real Food on a Budget

Today is an exciting day, I’m announcing a new cookbook that you need to have in your life! I have been a huge fan of Lisa Leake of 100 Days of Real Food for many years now. Her website and recipes played a huge part in my own weight loss transformation and my own story.… Continue reading Oatmeal Cookie Energy Bites – 100 Days of Real Food on a Budget

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Blueberry Spinach Oatmeal Bars

Blueberry Spinach Oatmeal Bars Yep, I said spinach. In dessert. I love making these to hand out when I’m teaching a class, especially to kids/teenagers. I have them grab one to munch on before I get started. Then halfway through my presentation when they are grabbing seconds, I get to the part where I’m telling… Continue reading Blueberry Spinach Oatmeal Bars

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Salmon en Papillote (in parchment paper)

Have you ever wanted to look like a fancy pants cook, but you’re really not that great at it? Have someone you want to impress, but you aren’t sure what’s a spatula and what’s a ladle in the kitchen? Then I’ve got the recipe for you! Here’s all the reasons this recipe is amazingly awesome:… Continue reading Salmon en Papillote (in parchment paper)

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Quinoa Sweet Potato Bowl

When you are cutting processed foods, there are two main tactics. First, you can take the things you already eat and try to convert them to clean eating, unprocessed versions. This can be very effective sometimes, and other times the results can be… questionable. Thankfully in this recipe I’m giving you an awesome dressing that… Continue reading Quinoa Sweet Potato Bowl

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Pumpkin Pie Green Smoothie

The leaves are starting to turn, the air is getting cooler, and with fall each year there is an inevitable invasion.   Soon the season of all things pumpkin will be descending, and I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be happier about the impending pumpkin onslaught. And why not? Pumpkins are not only delicious… Continue reading Pumpkin Pie Green Smoothie