TAM Continuity Update

An update post about an exercise program really should include a recent picture of the newly skinny subject, one that shows off their newly skinny shape, right? Well, too bad. I couldn’t find one, so instead you get this picture of me and my baby on her birthday where you can’t actually see me, but you can see my skinny arm.

That’s good enough, right? Too bad I wasn’t flexing, why didn’t anyone tell me to flex? Do they think pictures like this should focus on my baby and her birthday or something? Sheesh! I should just constantly flex, just in case someone has a camera pointed in my direction.

Here’s another one where you can see both arms and my waist. That’s better, isn’t it? Maybe?

Enough weird pictures, on to the update!

If you don’t know, the Tracy Anderson Method Metamorphosis has 4 different “centrics,” which are basically just body types. I chose Omni from the beginning because I figured I needed help everywhere all over my entire body, and I knew that as time went on I could switch to another centric if it became obvious that my butt needed the help, or if my belly was still poochy, or whatever. I’ve now been doing this for almost 9 months, and I have decided that I am a true Omni, the places I want to continue to tone and improve are just everywhere!

I am now on Continuity 1.2. The way the DVDs are numbered can be confusing, but basically the 1 means that I am still in my first year of Metamorphosis, and the .2 means that I am on the second set of Continuity DVDs. That means I have finished the initial 90 days of Metamorphosis, plus an additional 90 days of Continuity, and here I am still going strong into my next 90 days. Go me! I am on level 3 of this third set of DVDs, and this level is kicking my butt! Every time I think that I’m a pro at this method and I can take anything Tracy can throw at me, she shows up with a level that has me cursing and crying. But I know that the reason it is hard is because she is working an area that I need to make stronger, and so I get stubborn and power through it. Today I did 25 reps of my hardest move, when on day one I could only do 16. Hooray!

I have a confession to make, though. You see, we have a lot of stuff going on and I have decided to reprioritize a little bit. Now, instead of waking up at 5:00 on Saturday mornings to exercise, I sleep in. I get a sleep in day!!! Well, as much as you can count getting up at 7:00 a.m. when the girls wake up sleeping in, but since that is two extra hours, I will take it! So I have only been exercising five days a week instead of six.

Also, another confession. I love Tracy’s dance cardio. It’s like you are jumping for a half hour straight, and the days I don’t do it I find myself jumping around the house instead of walking, I think because I miss the jumping so much. But I found another kind of dance cardio that is really fun and so I’ve been doing that instead, probably three or four times a week. I have lots more information coming about that soon, but it’s been really fun and has really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I still do my regular TAM muscular structure work every day, no matter which cardio I do.

With the changes in those two confessions right there, I’ve been so scared that my results would start to go away and that I would start gaining the weight back. Of course, if that happened, I would switch right back to doing 100% Tracy six days a week again, but I’m happy to report that I’m holding steady, and this is really working well for me! I haven’t lost any weight since my last update, but I haven’t gained any, either. My measurements have all stayed the same, but I am seeing more tone and my clothes are fitting more loosely. And really, at this point I don’t want to lose any more, I’m very comfy right where I am.

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