TAM Update – Week 11

This week was huge for me. I did it, I made it to my goal weight! I never, ever thought I would weigh this little ever again, I am just so happy!
For my stats, I am now down 2 more pounds, which makes 20 total since starting TAM, and a grand total down from my heaviest weight of (drumroll please) 45 pounds! Ahhh, wow that feels good! I also measured this past Saturday, and in that 10 days I lost 1/2 inch off my chest, 1/2 inch off my waist, 1/4 inch off each arm, and 1/2 inch off each thigh. Not too shabby! Someday I need to calculate how many total inches I have lost so far, but that day is not today.
So now that I reached my first goal weight, I had some evaluating to do. My weight is in a healthy range, but on the high end of that. There are also still a lot of changes I would still like to see. I still have about another 4 weeks of the Metamorphosis program to go and I’ve got some great momentum, so I’m going to keep going. My new goal is to loose 10 more pounds. After that I’m going to quit caring about the numbers on the scale and instead just focus on toning up.
Here is a pic of me taken this past week.
My ever graceful self walked into the apricot tree, which left beautiful little flower petals all over in my hair. And just as I was trying to pick them out, Marquis caught me. Thanks honey, thanks a lot! But it’s still the best pic of me from the past week, and these are my new pants, which actually fit! So nice!
We spent a lovely afternoon in the backyard and it was wonderful to have the energy to play with my kids on the equipment and run around with them..
And they sure seemed to love it, too!

Just for a little fun and some randomness, read this about chocolate. I love news like this!

To find out more about TAM, read the rest of my updates here, or go check out the Tracy Anderson website here.  The people at TAM haven’t give me anything to talk about them, I just like to blab about the things I like.

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