TAM Update – Week 13

I had a realization this week that should have been obvious. I love that I am getting my weight down, I love that I’m looking slimmer, but the one thing I didn’t think about is that this program would make me stronger. Duh, right? I mean, I’m doing muscle work 6 days a week, of course I’m going to get stronger! But it really hit home this week when I had a couple of things happen.

First, a couple of months ago my sister and my handsome 6-year-old nephew were at my house. I was showing my sister something that Princess likes to do where I lay on the floor with her sitting on my stomach, and I sit up and then lay back down over and over. It really works your abs, and the kid thinks it’s great fun! My nephew, who is a very solid 50 pounds, saw and wanted to try, so he came and sat on my belly. I tried to sit up but could only grunt, it was just too hard! He thought this was hilarious and still talks about it months later. This past Monday he came to my house again, and my sister wanted me to try again to see how much stronger I’d gotten. I knew I was stronger but I still expected it to be hard. To my surprise, I was able to sit right up with him on my stomach, no problem!

The second thing happened one day when I was making dinner. We love cast iron and cook with it all the time. In the drawer at the bottom of our oven we keep our roasting pan with three heavy cast iron frying pans of different sizes stacked inside. I needed the roasting pan, so I grabbed all three frying pans at once and set them on the counter before I realized what I had done. Always in the past if I needed to get them out I had to do one, maybe two, at a time because they are just so big and heavy, but this time I did it without even thinking about it and it was a breeze!

I love that I’m shaping my body into a pretty, feminine shape, and yet I am getting so tough!

For my stats, I don’t measure until Tuesday, so you will have to wait until next week for that, but the past week I have lost one pound. Yes, just one. I wanted two, so it’s hard not to be bummed, but one is very good considering that since CG has been here it has been nonstop snacking and indulgent meals. I’ve restrained myself somewhat, but not entirely. The SunButter eggs the Easter Bunny put in the girls’ baskets sure didn’t help either. What was that silly Easter Bunny thinking? Or maybe it’s just so that when I loose my 2 pounds next week, I’ll be able to give you a nice round number when I say that I’ve lost 50 pounds total overall. That’s right, I’m so close to 50 pounds I can kick it in the butt! That means I’m down 48 pounds total from my heaviest, and 23 total since starting TAM.

This week I’ve been doing TAM Metamorphosis Omnicentric Level 8. I didn’t say much about Level 7 because, well, I really didn’t like it. I am really enjoying Level 8, though, and I just have three more days until I’m at Level 9. I’m totally scared about Level 9, it’s the last one and I’ve heard she really takes you out with a bang, it’s supposed to be HARD! But it’s just for 10 days. I can do anything for just 10 days, and I know I’ll be so much stronger after.

And then what happens? Just two more weeks and I’ll be completely done with Metamorphosis, so what then? Well, Tracy has a thing called Continuity, she continues to send more DVDs until you tell her to stop. My next set of DVDs should be arriving tomorrow and I’m so excited!

To find out more about TAM, read the rest of my updates here, or go check out the Tracy Anderson website here.  You can also email me anytime at Emily@marquisnemily.com, I’m happy to answer any questions you have! The people at TAM haven’t give me anything to talk about them, I just like to blab about the things I like.

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