TAM Update – Week 8

I’m apparently into numbered lists today. Sorry about that, just roll with it!

This was a milestone week for me, especially on Wednesday, for three reasons:

First, Wednesday was day 45 of TAM Metamorphosis. I am half way through! TAM won’t be over at the end of Metamorphosis, though, I am already enrolled in her Continuity program that will continue sending me DVDs after Metamorphosis is over, but the initial 90 day kick-your-butt-into-shape-plan is half over!

Second, as of Wednesday I have lost 2 more pounds since last week, 15 since starting TAM, and 40, yes 40!! since I started losing weight 6 months ago. I can put Sweetheart on my hip and stand on the scale and it will still say 10 pounds less than it did 6 months ago. Hooray!!! I don’t measure again until next week, so I have no new measurements to give you, and I haven’t even peeked yet because I’ve been so frustrated with the tape measure the past few weeks. But next week I’ll have good news in that department, I’m sure!

And third, I know that the whole BMI this is highly inaccurate, but I am now no longer considered overweight according to the BMI calculators. It feels so good to go from being called obese on that scale to a “normal” weight.

This week I also wanted to add a few tricks I have figured out that have helped me:

First, music is key! I usually listen to the Pandora dance cardio station on my phone while I exercise, and I am finally getting it to the point that it really knows what I like to listen to while I exercise. If the music is good I can really get into it and dance and forget that I’m exercising.

Second, during the leg lifts, which is a big part of the workout, sometimes it’s hard to be in the right position while still watching the TV to make sure I’m keeping up w/Tracy. I accidentally discovered the other day that if I put my phone on the floor between me and the TV, I can watch the reflection in my phone! It’s so much easier to look a few inches in front of you when you have your legs doing crazy things behind you than to get a kink in your neck looking at the TV! I’m sure a small mirror or something would work just as well, but my phone is perfect for me because I’ve already got it there listening to my music.

Third, having a good cheerleader doesn’t hurt. On this past Saturday I slept in and so I did my workout during Princess’s nap time. Sweetheart was in the room with me, and at one point I was struggling and took a break for a second. Sweetheart jumped up and started yelling, “You can do it Mommy, you can do it!” And I did! Every time I would slack off she was encouraging me, and it did help. It didn’t help, however, when I was doing the dance cardio and she decided I needed about 20 hugs. But at least I felt loved! And I thought it was hilarious when, near the end she gave me a hug, then pulled back with a disgusted look on her face. “Mommy, you are all wet! You got all sweddy (sweaty), ugh!” and then no more hugs after that. Funny girl!

I wanted to get a new picture on here today but life kind of got in the way, so that is my goal for next week, a new picture for you!

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