Human bodies are made to move! As I’ve made exercise a regular part of my routine I’ve been amazed how much better I feel, how much better I sleep at night, and how much happier I am in all aspects of my life. I believe that every person out there has a “soul mate” exercise, something that they can do every day and love. I found mind in the Tracy Anderson Method. Here are my posts about my favorite ways to move.

Where to start with the Tracy Anderson Method

My 3rd TAMiversary

Conversations from the Mat

Two Year TAMiversary

Dear Tracy Anderson Haters Club

TAM Continuity Update – In Which I Admit I Was Wrong

It’s Not About the Exercise

The Best Workout Tip Ever

My One Year TAMiversary

TAM Continuity Update

Hail the Conquering Hero – A TAM Continuity Review

Two Princesses – A Weight Loss Update

Tips for Starting With TAM and Continuity Review

Final TAM Metamorphosis Update

TAM Update – Week 14

TAM Update – Week 13

TAM Update – Week 12

TAM Update – Week 11

TAM Update – Week 10

TAM Update – Week 9

TAM Update – Week 8

TAM Update – Week 7

TAM Update – Week 6

TAM Update – Week 5

TAM Update – Week 4

Weekly TAM Update, Week 3 and Food!

I Gave Up Dt. Coke Part 2

I Gave Up Dt. Coke For This!

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3 thoughts on “That’s How I Move”

  1. Which of the 4 did you do? Omni, Ab, Hip or Glute? I can’t decide if I’m Hip, Ab or Glute or if I should just go for the Omni. I gain weight in my hips mostly but also my stomach.

  2. I did Omni at first. I really had weight just everywhere. You can also switch centrics when you get to Continuity, so I am actually now doing Glute and have really been enjoying that. I think you’d do well with Omni, it really does help all over! And if later you decide that you want to try a different centric, switching during Continuity is really simple. I hope that helps!

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