The Best Workout Tip Ever

This morning was tough. I laid in bed too long after the alarm went off, trying to convince myself to actually get up. My feet felt heavier than normal as I went through my dance cardio and I was tempted several times to just stop and head back to bed. But I didn’t! I prevailed! And today I thought I’d share the best workout tip ever, what I do when it really gets hard.


 I smile!

About a million years ago right after I graduated high school I worked in retail. The store I worked for had a rule that you were supposed to smile and say hi to every customer that you walked past. Sometimes people who worked in the head offices or people from other stores or mystery shoppers would walk through (without their badges on) and takes names of people who didn’t smile and say hi for the naughty list. Some days it was really hard to smile, but I learned to fake it so I didn’t get in trouble. And the weird thing was, the more I’d smile, the less I had to fake it.

I’ve discovered this works exactly the same when I’m exercising. Everyone has days where they just plain don’t want to do it, but if you smile it is somehow easier to push through. And the more you smile, the more fun it gets.

I’ve also found that some things make it easier to smile. First, if you don’t love what you are doing, then what are you doing?!? There are so many different ways to move your body out there, go find something (or a few different somethings) that you love, and then do it! Don’t do an exercise you hate just for the sake of exercise. Second, find some good music to go with it. Everyone has songs that make them smile, so add them to your exercise playlist. Music has the ability to change mood, so make sure your playlist is full of great songs that move your feet and make you happy.

The funny thing is, this trick works for anything hard in life. You’re stuck talking to that person that just knows how to get under your skin? Smile! Kids won’t stop screaming? Smile! Whenever life throws crap your way, look defiantly back at it and just smile!

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