Weekly Menu – December 2

Whoa, December? Sneaky, sneaky, where did you come from? Yikes! And here is where I confess that I haven’t even started thinking about my Christmas shopping yet. We have found a house and (Hopefully! Cross your fingers and pray for us!) might be moving in before Christmas, and I’m afraid the shopping will probably be last minute and frantic as soon as that is behind us.

Monday – Clam chowder and bread. This is our meal that is left over from last week. We don’t have a recipe because it’s a creation of my husband’s, and that boy couldn’t use a recipe to save his life and never does anything the same twice. It always turns out delicious, though! The bread is super easy, yummy bread, recipe here. I love this bread!

Tuesday – Chicken zucchini stir fry. I have no recipe for this one either, but basically I will be slicing some chicken very thinly and then cooking it in our wok. I’ll add zucchini and onion and cook for a couple of minutes, and then I will add some chicken broth to make a sauce. It will be served over brown rice.

Wednesday – Pasta e Fagioli soup. Yep, soup twice in one week! As the weather gets colder I find myself craving soup more. The recipe is here, although I’m swapping out the sweet potatoes for green beans because that’s what we have that needs to be used. I will probably make biscuits or some other kind of bread on the side.

Thursday – This is my niece’s birthday! Because of that, dinner that night will be provided by her mom and will probably be her favorite, pasta with marinara and mixed with various Italian meats, then smothered in tons of mozzarella and baked.

Friday – Pizza, at the request of my other niece. Apparently we can never have enough pizza. This also seems to accidentally be an Italian-themed week? In any case, I’m going to make my favorite pizza crust recipe from here. The sauce will probably be left over marinara, but I’m also considering pesto, recipe here. The toppings will be probably pretty classic, ham and pineapple or pepperoni, although on mine I will probably have spinach and tomatoes instead

Saturday – Chicken enchiladas, salad. I don’t have a recipe for this either. I’ll be using the tortillas from here, the refried beans from here, some brown rice, some chicken and I’ll probably make some kind of creamy sauce to go over the top with cheese on the top. I have a bit of a crazy day on Saturday, so I’m going to make the tortillas on Monday, the chicken on Tuesday and then the sauce on Wednesday. Since I already have the beans I’m going to assemble on Thursday or Friday so it’s ready to quickly throw in on Saturday. It seems like a lot of work that way, but if I do little parts while I’m already in the kitchen making something else then it really is quite easy!

Sunday – BLTs, salad.  I found this on Pinterest and was amazed! We are totally going to make our BLTs this way

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