Weekly Menu – February 17

Monday – Hawaiian haystacks. This is left over from last week, we had a change in plans (best weekend ever!) and just never got to it. There is a great recipe for it here.

Tuesday – Pork tacos. The recipe for the pork is here, and the tortillas here. I’ll top them with a bunch of lettuce, tomatoes and avocados.

Wednesday – Outside in crockpot tamale pie. The recipe is here. This is so simple and always is a big win at our house. We’ll throw more diced tomatoes and avocados on the top and have some green salad on the side.

Thursday – Chicken broccoli stir fry. We’ll be using this recipe except I’ll be using olive oil instead of the peanut oil, because I don’t feel like an emergency room trip with my peanut allergic little sweetheart. We’ll serve this over brown rice.

Friday – Salsa verde chicken with cornmeal dumplings. I love this one! The recipe is here and we’ll have a green salad on the side.

Saturday – Lasagna and salad. This is going to be a super easy one, we had lasagna about a month ago and we just made a few extra and froze them. I love having easy meals ready to just pull out of the freezer! My cute hubby made this without a recipe because that’s how he rolls, but if you are more comfortable with a recipe, here are a bunch of different ones that sound super yummy.

Sunday – Asian turkey cabbage cups. This is one of our favorite recipes of all time. The recipe for it is on my family blog, here. Everyone we have fed this to has just loved it. Yum!


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