Weekly Menu – January 27

We finally did it! We are finally here in our new house and already loving it so much. One of my favorite rooms is our new kitchen, which we have already put through it’s paces. The oven and I are still getting to know one another and it has decided that it is just too good to for my homemade granola and refuses to go as low as 250 degrees, but we are learning to get along and still make granola despite that. The cupboards and counter are old, I assume the original ones from when the house was built, but they are roomy enough to hold all of our wacky cooking gadgets. And I love how the heater comes on and warms my toes while I wash dishes.

Our messy kitchen, when it was still covered in boxes.

In a stroke of pure genius I sat down last week with a big pile of cookbooks and my google calendar and together we planned out our menu for an entire month, and then some. I should have been doing this all along! That means that each Saturday I can quickly make a few tweaks based on our co-op basket for the week, and then I can send my husband, Marquis, out to do the grocery shopping. It really didn’t seem to take that much longer doing a month than planning out just a week for some reason, too. Bonus! I’ll still just post a week at a time here since I’m sure I’ll be changing a little each week as I go.

Monday – Beef bits in cream gravy and Swiss chard over pasta. I have no recipe for this, it’s something my hubby’s mom said she used to do with Swiss chard, so I’m going to wing it and see what happens. If it turns out yummy then I’ll post the recipe on here.

Tuesday – Sweet and sour meatballs. The recipe is on my family blog, here. This recipe is not exactly clean eating, but we have found a ketchup that is made with real sugar instead of corn syrup, so I feel a little bit better about that.

Wednesday – Lasagna and broccoli. We have no recipe for this, it will be Marquis winging it, but here are a bunch of yummy sounding lasagna recipes. The broccoli will just be steamed and then mixed with butter and some seasonings.

Thursday – Pork chops with honey glazed apples, foccocia bread, sauteed red chard and baked carrots.  The recipe for the pork is an old one that I can’t find online, but this one is pretty similar. Here is the recipe for the foccocia.

Friday – Alfredo pasta with salad. This is going to be a super simple meal. We’ll see if my husband notices it has no meat (gasp!). If you feel the need to have a dead animal at each meal, it would be super simple to add some cooked chicken. Alfredo sauce from a jar can never compare to the real thing and it’s so easy to make that there is no reason to reach for the jar. There is a good recipe for the sauce here.

Saturday – Tamales and salad. There is a great recipe here. I still have half the meat frozen from the last time I did this, so all I have to do is make the masa and assemble. I love having half the work done already!

Sunday – Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a veggie. The veggie is to be determined based on what we get in our co-op basket on Saturday. The meatloaf recipe I use isn’t really a recipe at all, I just throw ground beef in a bowl, add in bread crumbs or oats, garlic salt, pepper, and lots of worchestershire sauce. That’s it! Worchestershire sauce makes everything nummy.

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