Weekly Menu – June 1

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Somehow this week I ended up with only one picture, I’m not sure how? I’m hoping Marquis took some where I slacked off, but he’s off at my brother’s bachelor’s party doing manly things, so I’ll raid his phone later and see what pictures I can find to add.

Sunday – Chicken salad wraps. This is the day we came home from camping. Since we didn’t know where we would be in our travels at dinnertime, we planned ahead and made my recipe for chicken salad sandwiches to have in the cooler, along with some tortillas to wrap it in an lettuce to go inside. We ended up being home at dinnertime so it wasn’t a problem but it was still so very nice to have dinner already made so we didn’t have to worry about it in our post-camping stupor. Planning ahead rocks!

Monday – Leftovers. We don’t do leftovers for dinner often at our house because we usually use leftovers as lunches. If we have large amounts of something that freezes well (lasagna, pizza, Cornish pasties, etc.) we also like to freeze them in individual portions that are easy for Marquis to take to work. But this day we just had so much food in the fridge that needed to be used soon, stuff that didn’t freeze well, so I declared it a leftover night.

Tuesday – Grilled steak salad. This dinner was amazing! Marquis grilled some steak to perfection, while at the same time grilling some corn on the cob and sweet potato “fries.” When he was done we put some steak slices on top of lettuce and whatever other veggies I found in the fridge that sounded good on salad. We also cut the corn off the cob and added that to our salad with the sweet potato fries on the side.

Tacos www.thatswhatieat.comWednesday – Tacos. Lately we’ve been trying to involve the kids in our meal planning more, and when we were planning for this week, tacos were our 5-year-old’s enthusiastic request. We used whole wheat tortillas (my favorite recipe for tortillas is here) and Marquis ground and seasoned the meat himself. If you are looking for an alternative to the gross taco seasoning packets, you can find a recipe here to make your own. We topped them with a ton of lettuce, tomatoes, and yummy avocados.

Thursday – Pancakes, bacon and fruit. Yep, pancakes again. I used my favorite pancake recipe from here and cut up a pineapple for on the side. Make sure when you are choosing your bacon that you find some that is organic and nitrite free. Yes, it costs more, but it is very worth it!

Friday – Baked potato bar. Marquis makes wonderful homemade chili, and this night he cooked up a big batch that we then put over backed potatoes (a baked sweet potato for me, yum!) with some broccoli and some cheese. I was going to make my Easy Peasy Cheese Sauce, but I completely forgot about it until it was time to eat, and so that turned into just plain grated cheese.

Saturday – Chili, cornbread and salad. Tonight, as I mentioned above, is my baby brother’s bachelor party. Marquis is gone, and that means I’m going to go super easy on the meal tonight and just do leftover chili from last night. The cornbread recipe I like is here. Salad on the side will be an easy veggie!

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