Weekly Menu – September 16

It’s go time. We move in two weeks and I have barely started packing. The stress is starting to build. With all that packing that needs doing, I also need to somehow still work full time hours while taking care of two adorable yet needy little girls, along with doing the normal day-to-day stuff housekeeping and cooking. So herein lies the challenge. I need to still provide my family with nutritious homemade meals while working around my almost 5-year-old’s food allergies, working around our very teeny budget, and very severe time constraints. I think I’m starting to panic a little. I am soon going to start pulling things out of my freezer meal arsenal, but I’d like to save that until the actual moving days if possible. Most of all I just don’t want to have to resort to eating out or ordering in some junk. So with an eye toward fast, easy, healthy, and cheap, this week I’m pulling out my crock pot and making it work overtime!

Monday – Biscuits and gravy with fruit. I know I just said this would be crock pot week, but I will still need to go grocery shopping tomorrow night to prep for crock pot week, and we have the stuff on hand for the biscuits and gravy. Plus, yum! The recipe for the biscuits is here. For the gravy, melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a pan, then add 2 tablespoons of flour. Whisk and cook for a few minutes, then add 2 cups of milk. Whisk often and cook on medium high until thickened, adding salt and pepper to taste. We have a ripe cantaloupe that will go on the side.

Tuesday – We are starting off crock pot week with a classic, pot roast and veggies. Can’t go wrong here, right? I’m picking up a beef roast and will throw in some potatoes and carrots. Simple, but so yummy!

Wednesday – Maple Dijon Glazed Chicken. Recipe is from here. I’ve never tried this recipe before, so if it’s gross, well then sorry. We’ll all be surprised together. I’m going to serve this over pasta with a green salad on the side.

Thursday – Coconut ginger chicken. Recipe is from here. Ditto on the I’ve never tried this, so we’ll see what happens! I’ll be serving this over rice.

Friday – Chicken corn chowder with rolls. Crock pot week is going to be put on hold so that we can go camping. Yes, me camping, again! That’s twice in one summer, and I’m still not sure how it happened. This menu is still pending approval of our good friends we are camping with. Cooking in a dutch oven is kind of like cooking in a crock pot, right? Except for the whole doing it over a fire in the middle of the wilderness part? I don’t have a recipe for the chowder because this is a Marquis creation and that boy just can’t do recipes. I can tell you that it will involve chicken, corn, bacon, cream, whole milk, butter and other things that make it so that you can’t really call this recipe healthy. But wow, is it ever good! So I will be watching my portion size and making sure I eat pretty lean earlier in the day. The roll recipe is here, and is so super yum!

Saturday – Crock pot week again on hold, we have been invited to a BBQ. We will be bringing guacamole and chips, and will probably be eating grilled meats, some green salad, and something yummy for dessert.

Sunday -We’ll be partying with my family because this day is my birthday! We will be eating more grilled food, probably chicken (classic), more salad and whatever else people bring for the potluck. Our contribution will be birthday cake, probably this recipe because it’s the best egg-free recipe I have, but I’m going to use chocolate buttercream because it’s my birthday and this girl wants chocolate!

Ok, so crock pot week is a bust with only 3 crock pot recipes, but I’ll be pulling out more next week for sure because I have to find time to finish packing our house for the big move! 

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