Weekly Menu – September 7

Wow Tuesday, where did you come from? You totally snuck up on me, this menu is way late! Regardless, here it is finally!

Weekly Menus from That's What I Eat


Sunday – Chili, cornbread and salad. We didn’t feel like doing much at all this day. The chili was from the last batch Marquis made and we had frozen, so a quick defrost and it was ready to go. I did make the cornbread, recipe here. We had salad already made in the fridge so I just threw that on the table.

Monday – Drip beef sandwiches. The buns I like are this recipe, but I substitute white whole wheat flour, honey for the sugar, and olive oil for the oil. I use this recipe for the drip beef, the second options she gives. I like to put the meat on the bun with some sauteed onions, mushrooms and green pepper and a slice of provolone, then I wrap all that in foil and put it in the oven until the cheese is melty and perfect, yum!

Tuesday – Breakfast for dinner, zucchini muffins and fruit. Muffin recipe is here, and on the side was nectarines I picked off our tree about 2 seconds before. Fast and easy!

Wednesday – Chicken tacos. I just threw some chicken in the crockpot with some seasoning on top. Never use a packet of taco seasoning, you will end up with MSG and a bunch of other things you don’t want. It is super easy to make your own, there is a great recipe here. At dinnertime I shredded the chicken and we ate it in tortillas with the normal taco toppings.

Thursday – Spaghetti squash with creamy chicken sauce and carrots. I cooked the spaghetti squash in the oven and the idea was that we would use it as our pasta, although really everyone else in the family turned their noses up at that and I’m the only one that actually did it that way. Oh well! I made a sauce that is basically like the canned cream of chicken soup but without ¬†all the crap, there is a very similar recipe here, and I added some cooked shredded chicken we had left over. I cut up some carrots and sauteed them in butter with some salt and pepper until they started to get caramelized, and then I added about half a cup of chicken broth and let them finish cooking in that, turned out very good.

Friday – Out to dinner. We go out to eat maybe once a month, and when we do we usually ditch the kids and go just the two of us, so this was a very rare treat and the kids were pretty hilarious. The experience will probably end up being a blog post all by itself. It was just cheap Mexican food, but I didn’t have to cook or do any of the dishes, so hooray!

Saturday – Family birthday party, pizza. My niece had a birthday so dinner this night was taken care of by my brother and his wife. Another night with no dishes, yay!

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