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So how is the school year treating you so far? It has been about a month for us now, and we are really getting into a routine. Thank goodness! Our whole house just functions so much better when we have a routine! That does mean that we appear to be getting into a bit of a rut, so I think I’ll have to start getting more creative soon. Or maybe not.

This week also includes a lot of turkey. In preparation for some upcoming fun stuff (Thanksgiving, anyone?) we tested out some recipes, including a recipe for a delicious dry brine for the turkey. It turned out amazing! But that also meant lots of turkey leftovers.

Sandwich Monday: Turkey sandwich with cheese and spinach, carrots and hummus. We had purchased one of the bags of organic baby carrots from Costco, so you’ll be seeing a lot of those. Wow, that’s a big bag!

Lunch 1

Tuesday: Whole wheat blueberry muffins, more carrots, pineapple chunks. I made tons and tons of these muffins and froze them. We are still eating them for breakfasts and snacks almost a week later, and I foresee more in a lunch sometime soon!

Lunch 2

I have a real treat for you today! Wednesday of last week was a development day or something similar for the teachers, so school got out at noon and she ate lunch at home. Because I work at home and I don’t have time to be making lunch for everyone, I told her to figure out her own lunch. My cutie found the SunButter and some bread and was getting ready to make a sandwich. As she was doing this, I noticed something. You see, as part of the aforementioned turkey experimentation, I finally filmed my first video for this here blog, showing how to get a turkey ready for the oven. Watch for that, I’ve got a bunch of Thanksgiving posts coming soon! As my sweet girl was gathering ingredients for her sandwich, she was dictating as if she were in front of the camera, and totally copying me and my video. Of course, I thought it was adorable and turned the camera her way. Please ignore our messy kitchen and my horrid camera skills, and focus instead on the cuteness.

Super cute, right? Because her little voice is so teeny tiny, at the beginning she says, “Here’s how you make a SunButter sandwich,” and at the end she says, “And that’s how you make a SunButter sandwich.”

Thursday: Back to turkey! Turkey taco soup (Sorry, I don’t have a recipe for this, I just made it up. But it was delicious! Someday I’ll have to write the recipe down!) with shredded cheese to sprinkle in and organic corn chips, apple slices on the side.

Lunch 3

Friday: Pizza Friday! Again, here is the link to how I do this. Note: These containers are not leak proof! Last time I did this I just put the sauce in the smallest little section and we had a bit of a yucky mess, so this time I just put it in a zipper bag. I also was too lazy to shred the cheese, so I just gave her slices. She had mango bits and cucumbers on the side.

Lunch 4

Do you have any great school lunch ideas? I’m always looking for more!

Here are links to some of our favorite school lunch supplies so far:


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