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We have survived another week of school lunch! This week didn’t go as smoothly, and yet we were still able to get her a lunch ready each day, I’m so proud of us!

Have I mentioned that I have declared Mondays to be sandwich days? I had purchased some clean, natural lunch meat that some friends had suggested on Instagram (thanks, guys!), and then I forgot to tell Marquis it was for our daughter’s lunch. Oops! Instead, she got a simple tomato and cheese sandwich, with oranges and cucumbers on the side. Actually, I adore tomato sandwiches, especially when the tomatoes are fresh from the garden like this, so I don’t think she was missing out much!

Lunch 1

Tuesday: Cold cheese quesadilla on a homemade whole wheat tortilla, with more oranges (we had a ton of oranges to use up this week!) and carrots and hummus on the side.

Lunch 2

Wednesday: This day I not only had her pack her own lunch, but I made her take the picture, too. I didn’t notice until she was gone how blurry the pic was! Oh, well. She had chicken noodle soup in the thermos, and she insisted on having bread to dip in it, so she had a heavily buttered slide of good, whole grain bread. More oranges. It’s a good thing this girl really likes oranges!

Lunch 3

Thursday: I am trying not to do too many sandwiches and just keep them on Mondays, but the night before as we were discussing lunch options, she declared that she simply must have another grilled cheese sandwich, nothing else would be delicious to her. And since she is adorable and spoiled, and since grilled cheese was super easy to make on the side while I was making dinner, that’s what she got. Also more carrots (yes, we had a ton of those, too), more oranges, and for a change of pace, also a nectarine from one of our trees.

Lunch 4

She also decided that I simply must take a picture of her cuteness and her sparkly shirt, and I decided she was right about that, too.

Lunch 5

Friday: This is where we really got derailed. I like to packed lunch or at least plan it out while I’m making dinner the night before. Thursday night was the weirdest night ever, and it just didn’t happen. Luckily Friday morning I was able to quickly throw something together. She had a little breakfast for lunch, homemade Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries tossed in, with nut free granola to stir in when she ate it. And I couldn’t resist tucking in a few more orange slices.

Lunch 6

One more week down! I think we are really getting into a lunch planning/preparing routine, fingers crossed that we can keep it up!

Here are links to some of our favorite school lunch supplies so far:


2 thoughts on “Weekly school lunch roundup”

  1. I wish my daughter ate more healthy food like yours. She wont even attempt to eat wheat or whole grain anything. I have tried so many different ways to making it and she just looks at it and refuses to try it. Literally, I dont think she has ever even put it in her mouth, we have even tried to pay her to eat it lol. Cute ideas though!

    1. Thanks Jess! It has actually taken a lot of work to get her to where she is now. If you are looking for help getting your daughter to eat healthier food, I highly recommend checking out the book French Kids Eat Everything. It outlines basically exactly what we did to get our kids to eat anything (although we are still battling the picky battles somewhat with our 4-year-old). That book is just wonderful, I can’t say enough good about it! I hope that helps!

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