What Kids of Real Foodies Do

Every day I look at my kids and think, “Wow, these people are weird.” Some days that happens more than others, and more and more the weirdness revolves around food. Kids of Real Foodies are just a little different, and I have a few stories about my own kids that make me laugh.

One night for dinner, my 6-year-old decided that her drip beef sandwich and salad wasn’t plated very well, so she spent quite a long time arranging the lettuce perfectly around the sandwich. As she did it, she kept saying, “Doesn’t my dish look beautiful? I arranged my dish like this so it would be prettier.” What 6-year-old calls her dinner a “dish?” One who has watched a lot of cooking shows, apparently.



You have to admit, it really does look lovely!

Our girls have a little play kitchen and love to cook for us all the time. Quite often when they bring us something they will ask if it is seasoned well enough. If we tell them it needs a little salt, instead of pretending to shake a salt shaker, they will act like they are pinching something in a salt cellar and then sprinkle it over the pretend food.

Between our 6-year-old’s food allergies, our teeny food budget, and the fact that it is super hard to find Real Food choices at a restaurant, we just don’t eat out often. When we do eat out, we usually ditch the kids with family somewhere and enjoy a little adult time, so our girls probably only eat at a regular restaurant maybe two or three times a year. A few weeks ago we went out to eat as a whole family, and it was pretty funny to watch our monkeys. Poor sheltered girls! The 6-year-old was so excited to show us the table setting, “Wow mom, look, they have forks here, one for each of us! And we get a napkin, too. Do I get to use this napkin? And dad, you have a knife of your very own!” Our 3-year-old was just bouncing and giggling excitedly, and then seemed confused that they didn’t instantly bring us food. We have to tell them what we want? We actually get a choice? And why is everyone getting something different? We had never been to this restaurant before, and we were surprised to see fish and chips on the menu of a Mexican restaurant. Marquis pointed it out to me and we giggled about it, but the 3-year-old grabbed on to that thought and wouldn’t let go. “I want fish chips, just fish chips!” There was no way we were paying $10 for fish and chips for a toddler, especially not from a Mexican restaurant, but she would not be moved. I’d ask her if she wanted an enchilada or a burrito, and she would yell, “Fish chips! I just want FISH CHIPS!!!” We finally ordered her a taquito, and she decided that since taquito is fun to say, that would be an acceptable substitute. I’m sure the people around us wondered why our kids were so sheltered that they were completely unfamiliar with the restaurant experience, but I’m pretty proud of the fact that that means we do a good job having dinner at home nearly every night. Go us!

What funny things have your Real Food kids said or done?

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