Oh, summer. Summer! Does anyone else feel like they need to just stop for a moment and breathe? This summer has been absolutely amazing, full of the important things like Hawaiian sunrises, yoga in the car, graduations, swimming lessons, princesses, just chillin’, lots of reasons to put on swimsuits, vacations, loads and loads of family, and buckets of fun. So, so, so very much fun! This summer has been everything that a perfect summer should be, and then some. And I’m very ready for school to start again!

I am looking forward to the routine that school brings, to more quietness on the weekends, and just, well, normal. I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m not grateful for this past summer, because it has been so wonderful! But I am also ready for some of the normal, boring, slow-paced, amazing yumminess that is my regular life.

I’m also ready for a return to more cooking at home and more time to exercise, as both of those things have become too lax of late. And more blogging, too! I’ve missed you here, and I plan on hanging around a lot more!

Tell me about your summer, what have you been up to? Are you ready for back to school?

Tracy Anderson: The Method for Beginners

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