Free Mini-Consult

What is it like working with a health coach, anyway? How do I know it will work for my unique situation? How is this different from diet plans I've tried in the past? Is she going to make me eat weird things? All those questions and many more can be answered in a free mini-consult. We will spend 30 minutes on a virtual Zoom call (or phone consultation, if you prefer) talking about your exact situation, what your goals are, and what you have tried in the past. You will end the call with an action plan in place to move you forward. There is no obligation, no pressure. Simply use the calendar below to book your session, it's as easy as that!

3-Month Natural PCOS Relief Program

PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a medical condition that can affect every part of your life. Symptoms include infertility, rapid weight gain with the inability to lose weight, menstrual irregularities, acne, hair loss, and so many others. The good news is that improved nutrition can relieve PCOS symptoms and even restore your fertility. Let's regulate your cycles, balance your hormones, clear up the acne, help you drop those stubborn pounds, and get you those miracle babies! This program is $300 per month for three months. If you pay upfront in full, there is a $100 discount, making the total for the entire program $800.

3-Month Eating for Weight Loss Program

Why haven’t weight loss plans worked for you in the past? Unfortunately, traditional weight loss advice helps you lose weight temporarily, but the weight always comes back, plus some! This frustrating pattern makes you want to throw in the towel and accept that you will never be the weight that you want. But I have good news! By actually nourishing your body with real, unprocessed foods, in the right amounts, at the right times, the weight begins to quickly fall off. You will be more satisfied with meals, while at the same time feeling better and better in your own skin. You just need a little help and a little knowledge about the right way to feed your body, and I’m here to guide you through that process. This program is $300 per month for three months. If you pay upfront in full, there is a $100 discount, making the total for the entire program $800.

Single Session

This option is perfect for those who do a good job motivating themselves but need a little direction to get them started. This consultation can be either for weight loss or PCOS support, and the cost for the session is $125, with the option to add a one-week custom meal plan for $60.

All sessions are online or by phone and can be done from anywhere.

Start right now by booking your free mini session using the calendar below, or sending me a message at You are one email away from reaching your goals!