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This page is full of my favorite things, those things that have helped my journey to unprocessed food and a healthier life be even easier. I hope they help you too!

While I do believe most of your nutrition should come from your food, the truth is that most of us don't get near enough. I am incredibly picky with any supplements that I use, and I've been super happy with those from LifeEquals. Balance the Superfood Shot is a wonderful way to get in lots of your fruits and veggies. I also highly recommend their vitamins and probiotics. Use the code ALL50 for half off your first subscription order!

10% off Primal Kitchen Products

Finding good, clean protein powder is so difficult! Thankfully, the people at Primal Kitchens are just as picky about their ingredients as I am. I use this daily in my smoothies and am in love. Also check out their salad dressings, condiments, and other yummy foods.

30% off Orgain Products with the code HBE30

Another good protein powder with a great price is Orgain! We usually buy their plant-based protein powders, but they also have whey and collagen powders, along with protein bars, premade shakes, and even protein pancake mix. This is a great protein powder for all your yummy smoothies!

As a woman with PCOS, I have always had trouble with acne, even as I entered my 40s. I have NEVER experienced skin like I have when I use Glowbiotics! Not only is my acne gone, but it has also helped with wrinkles and making my skin smooth and bright! I can't recommend them enough. Use the code EMILYA20 on their site for 20% off anything that is not already discounted.


Fresh, wild-caught seafood, delivered right to my door? Yes, please! Wild Alaskan gives you just that. Living in the middle of Utah, it has been hard for us to find good seafood sources, which is why I'm so excited about this service! We should all be eating seafood at least once a week, and I love having a clean source of healthy fish!

Finding high-quality grass-finished beef, pastured pork, and organic chicken has never been easier. Butcherbox will deliver right to your door at a price similar or better to what you would pay at your local store.

I must admit, I joined Grove Collaborative for the free cleaning set with the intention to cancel shortly afterward. Now I get all my non-foods through them and look forward to the shipments each month. The prices are comparable to the store, but it comes right to your door!

I've said it so many times, the best way to eat real, unprocessed food is to grow it yourself! But gardening is intimidating and hard, right? Not with the good people at Grow It Yourself, or GIY, on your side! Sign up here for their free mini course, you'll be so glad you did!

Let's face it, meal planning is the toughest part of cutting processed foods and living a healthy lifestyle. Real Plans is an amazing tool that provides a meal plan for you, allows you to swap out recipes, and even add in your own recipes. It prepares a shopping list for you, making the whole process incredibly simple.