TAM Update – Week 4

Let’s be serious, when reading about weight loss, what you want more than all the blah, blah of the updates is pictures! All the gory, gross before pictures, and then the fit, toned, perfect after pictures. Well, I hate to disappoint, but you will never, ever see pics of my in my undies or even in a bathing suit. I barely even let Marquis see me in my workout clothes, there is no way I’m spreading that fun over the internet. You’re welcome. Instead, here is a comparison of what I have been able to accomplish so far. First, these are our last family pictures we had taken last May by my friend Amy (Amy is awesome! Check out the link to her photography blog here or on the side over there ——————————————–>). 
About a year ago I decided my situation was desperate and I needed new clothes that actually fit my heavy after-baby body. My sisters took me shopping because I’m not capable of buying new clothes on my own, and one of my favorite finds was this little jacket. It barely fit and there was no way I could do up the top button, but I bought it anyway. 
Here’s another shot of the jacket, and my beautiful baby. See how those buttons are just straining to hold me in? Nice.

Here is a picture of me taken by Marquis on my cell phone last night. Same jacket. The top button is undone,  not because I can’t do it up, but because the jacket is so loose that the button just falls out of the hole. The jacket is also about a size too big now. 

That’s the same shirt, but different pants from the pics above. I would have worn the same pants, too, except that they were really old, and there just might have been an incident at my grandma’s house on Christmas day involving a flexibility contest between me and my 12-year-old niece, who is a dancer. This contest might have just resulted in a little bit of a split in my pants. But splitting my pants was so worth proving that I am nearly as flexible as she is, right? Um, yes!
Here are the stats and info for this week. I am now on TAM Metamorphosis Omni level 3. I love that this changes every 10 days, that seems to be the perfect timing right before I get bored. This level is fun, but of course challenging! I’m also doing better at the dance cardio. I’ve been doing better with my posture and my body seems to be getting used to it because my pains are disappearing. I did my official measurements on Tuesday and I am so very excited! I lost an inch off my chest, a half inch off each arm, an inch and a half from my waist, an inch from my hips and another half inch off each thigh. That’s 5-1/2 total inches gone in 10 days! I’m very pleased. I’m also down another 2 pounds. Hooray!

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