On Winning the Battle With Picky Eaters

Do you battle with picky eaters? Are vegetables scorned at your house, everything but cake and treats refused out of hand? Have tears been shed at the dinner table, theirs or even yours? Oh, how we’ve been there, but lately I have seen a light at the end of the tunnel!

Kids are sure fun little things. One day they are driving you crazy, and the next they are doing something so adorable and perfect that you just can’t help but love their sweet faces more than you ever thought possible. Most of all, they surprise you with how sponge-like they are, absorbing the things you do and say and spitting them back at you at the most unexpected times. Sometimes that can be a bad thing, like when you accidentally use a word you shouldn’t and you kid repeats it to everyone they see for the next week. Whoops. Most of the time it’s adorable, though!

For example, one day while discussing cheese choices at the grocery store, our 3-year-old chose out this prosciutto rolled together with cheese, held it up for us to see and asked, “Can we please buy  some of this sweet deliciousness?”

Sweet deliciousness

And my heart swelled with pride! This 3-year-old still has her moments of the normal 3-year-old pickiness, still has times where she has to cry for five minutes before she will eat her meal, no matter what it is. But the message is getting through! She is taking what we are telling her and internalizing it! And someday, just maybe, she will be holding broccoli or spinach instead of prosciutto and cheese, but at this point I’m just so glad we are beating the picky wars!

If you are battling pickiness, I highly suggest this book. She describes exactly my philosophy on dealing with picky kids and how to get them to eat and love all kinds of foods. It is amazing and I loved every word! Yes, I have talked about this book before, you may remember the full review I did here in this post.

2 thoughts on “On Winning the Battle With Picky Eaters”

  1. How cute! I will have to check out that book. Back when my first went to solid foods (around five years ago) I read a book my Ellen Satter called “How to Get Your Kids to Eat, But Not Too Much.” It really helped me with my first and I have so far avoided any issues with the other two.

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