Your Body is Designed to Heal

Imagine with me for just a moment that you are building a brand new house, the house of your dreams.

You are so excited for this new house, and you have hired the very best builders in the world to put this together for you. They show up to find that the building supplies that you have given them include pieces of smelly garbage, old tires, and broken-down car parts. (Yes, I know home builders typically procure their own building supplies, but just go with me for a minute.)

Now, I’ve seen some pretty amazing houses built out of recycled materials, and I’m sure these expert builders would be able to create something that would give you decent shelter.

But would it be the perfect house you wanted?

On the other hand, imagine that you supplied them with the highest quality building supplies, all the best lumber, sheetrock, paint, fixtures, etc. What could these amazing builders do with the exact materials they need to give you the home you’ve dreamed about?

What does this have to do with health, food, and the fact that our bodies are designed to heal?

Your body is the ultimate master builder. You can give it building materials like sugar, processed foods, and other “food-like substances,” and you will still be able to move and do most of what you need to do each day. But your body can only do so much for so long building and maintaining your body using subpar construction supplies, and that’s when we start experiencing illness, hormone imbalance, and so many other problems.

What could your body do if you gave it the very best building materials out there?

None of us are perfect, and we are all going to have indulgences from time to time. But what if you ate more vegetables at each meal? What if you had fruit for a snack instead of a candy bar? What if you skipped the drive-through and made something simple and quick like scrambled eggs at home instead? What if you did that just a few times a week? Your body really is designed to heal, and if you work with your body, miracles can happen.

You’d be amazed at what just a few simple steps to nourish your body can do in the long run.

Here’s a mini-challenge for you. Pick one of those baby steps I mentioned above (or one of your own) and practice it this week. Then email me at and let me know what you did, and how you feel. Are you up for the challenge? Of course you are!

If you would like even more guidance on your road to improved health, send me an email for a free mini health coaching consult. There is no obligation, I would love to be a part of your health journey! Email me right now at

Happy, healthy eating!


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