Wednesday Real Food Recipe – Cranberry Orange Scones Redo

This Sunday morning I wanted a little bit of a fancier breakfast, and since it had been awhile since we had scones, I pulled up my recipe and got to cooking. That’s when I realized that my “Cleaned Up” Cranberry Orange Scones recipe still had white flour and sugar in it! We are babystepping into this whole real food thing, but I decided it was time to finish cleaning this up. I love this version even more, it turned out so yummy! I like to serve these with simply a smear of grass-fed butter, some fruit, and some yogurt. ¬†Yum! These are fancy enough for a Sunday morning breakfast, but quick enough that you can still make it to church on time. Click on the picture to see the updates in the original post, or click here.

Clean Eating Cranberry Orange Scones

What’s your favorite breakfast on a Sunday morning?

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