Conversations from the Mat

Exercise 3

I wake up really early to exercise with the hope that I get some good alone time while my girls sleep and they don’t try to “help,” but this morning they decided to be early birds and crash my party. Here are some of the hilarious things they said to me as I finished my beloved Tracy Anderson Method this morning:

(More about my favorite exercise method here.)

-The 3-year-old: Mommy, maybe you shouldn’t be exercising. (I was doing a super hard move and kind of grunted a bit.)

-The 6-year-old: Wow, you look like a mermaid! (I was doing a move where you keep your legs together and straight and lift them up and down, like this:)

Exercise 4

-The 6-year-old: Mom, don’t you remember that we eat breakfast really early? (Exasperated tone, apparently it’s possible to come near death from starvation within 10 minutes of waking up if you don’t get breakfast. How dare I make her wait?)

-The 3-year-old: Why do you always exercise in the middle of the night? (Gee, I wonder?)

Exercise 1

-The 3-year-old: Why is she exercising all alone? (Pointing at the TV screen) Me: I’m exercising all alone too, see? The 3-year-old: No you’re not all alone, you have kids with you! (That’s right, how could I forget?)

-The 3-year-old: Hahahahaha!!!! Is your one foot kissing the other one!?! (She’s got a point, here is her example:)

Exercise 5

-The 6-year-old: Mom, you are doing it wrong! Her foot is going outside the mat and yours is not. Aren’t you listening to her? (They both made sure I knew about every single thing I was doing “wrong” the whole time.)

-The 3-year-old: Ew, your belly is getting sad and mad! (I workout in just a sports bra and leggings, and after losing so much weight, I’m afraid there is still some definite loose skin. When I’m standing up straight you can’t really tell anymore and my abs have some pretty definition, but when I get on hands and knees, it gets pretty gross. And apparently looks like a sad and mad face!)

Exercise 2

I’m glad I’m not the only on that falls over trying to do some of these moves!

-The 3-year-old, as I finished up and she took over my mat: I have to make sure I exercise every single morning. Me: Why? Her: So I can be healthy and strong!

Good answer baby, me too!

Tracy Anderson: The Method for Beginners


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