TAM Continuity Update – In Which I Admit I Was Wrong

Disclaimer: The good people at Tracy Anderson Method have not given me anything to talk about them, I just like to blab about the things I like!

Me in May, please look at my lean arm and my baby’s sweet smile and not whatever I’m doing with my face.

My last update post was clear back in January, so I figured it was time for another one. In that last one I confessed that I had been mixing up my TAM with a little QiDANCE. So here’s what happened. I loved teaching! QiDANCE is super fun. But the time that was available at the gym wasn’t really a great time and the class was growing really slowly. Also, I noticed that I was beginning to lose tone. I have worked WAY too hard for that to happen! Also, I had put my Continuity subscription on hold back in December. Between us buying a house and Christmas, I just couldn’t justify even $30 that month and so instead I started Metamorphosis over. Wow, was it ever easier the second time around! I was really missing the challenge. I also just had so many things on my plate that even though I was only teaching one class a week, I was wondering if it was just too much. I needed to simplify.

Adventure 14
Me in April, feeding my baby to a dinosaur.

Between all these things, back in the end of March I made a decision. I was offered a spot to teach QiDANCE for the local recreation department in my new city, a new date and time that I know would have been very successful, and I turned it down. I let my QiDANCE certification expire, and I ordered the next round of my TAM continuity DVDs and got back on track. I’ve been diligently back to just TAM, and I’m so glad! The tone is returning, and the current Continuity levels are much more of a challenge than I was getting with going back through Metamorphosis.

I’m currently doing Continuity 1.3, which is the end of the first year’s worth of DVDs. Tracy gets tricky in these ones, pulling out a little rubber ball that you sometimes hold in your hand or balance on or stick behind your knee and hold there while doing leg lifts. I’m sure it’s pretty hilarious to watch me as I’m trying to do this. Quite often, especially during the first couple of days of each level, I am either falling over or chasing the ball around the room. I’ve also added ankle and wrist weights, and wow does that ever add to the challenge! I love it, though, I always feel so strong and tough because I can do all the crazy things she wants me to do.

A good exercise update post should have some good pictures showing the changes, but these are the best I could come up with. Hopefully they give you a little idea what I’m looking like now. I’ve slowly lost another 2 pounds over the past 6 months, so I’m down a total of 65 pounds. I really honestly think I’m done, now, though! I haven’t measured in awhile, but my size 6 pants have been getting looser, almost belt worthy, and my 4s that used to be a touch tight now fit just fine, so I think the toning thing is really happening, hooray! It’s still so super weird to think that I’m a size 4, I never thought I’d see that, ever!

My next Continuity DVDs (2.0) should be shipping next week and I’m so excited! She adds a chair to the mix this time, which I’m sure will be even more hilarious as I try to get used to a chair and a ball at the same time!

photo cred www.tracyandersonmethod.com
photo cred www.tracyandersonmethod.com

Yep, I’m still a fan!

6 thoughts on “TAM Continuity Update – In Which I Admit I Was Wrong”

  1. Glad to see that you are doing TAM. When blancing on the ball, invert your supporting knee, it helps.
    Also when having the ball in the crook of your knee, make sure you are moving your leg from your hip joint rather than from your knee.
    2.1 — the one where the chair is introduced only has the ball on a few levels. It is not too bad. I used a chair without arms and only had to modify a few times. The chair does not feature as much during 2.2.

  2. Michelle! Your comments in the forum always helped me so much, I’m so glad you found me here! I want to be you when I grow up!

  3. Hiya, I’ve fallen off the continuity bandwagon and contemplating getting back on. I like ypu started with the 90 day programme and have a good few of her matt and dance dvds before starting meta. I dropped out in year 3 as it was getting very awkward and I just didn’t enjoy it anymore. These is a stick involved and I just kept falling or the elastic shot back at my boob and it was all just pissing me off plus the workout was getting longer to an hour plus which meant no time for cardio then as with 4 kids a husband and a home I was doing the exercises early in morning and getting up even more early started to piss me off. Do you think I should start year 3 again abs see how I get on? the live streaming is just too expensive for me
    Tjeyrzwas also a mix up with the company when I cancelled my subscription meaning I will have to pay for the remainder of the continuity in full if I want to continue

    1. I think that you need to make sure that you are doing things you are enjoying! That’s most important. I know people say not to do this, but I’ve repeated some Continuity DVDs and have still loved my results. I figure that’s better than doing nothing! And it’s best to do what you love rather than doing something that isn’t enjoyable. We move and exercise because we love ourselves, not to torture our bodies into a certain shape. I hope that helps!

      Also, TA’s customer service is notorious for being horrible. If you do want to continue with Continuity, call and see if they can reinstate the subscription rather than having you pay in full. And then call back again, and call back again. I’ve had so many people tell me different things! I think it just depends on who you talk to.

  4. Hi! I completed metamorphosis twice in the last six years, but never did continuity. It’s been two years since I completed round two of metamorphosis and I just started streaming, which I’m finding very difficult! Would you recommend doing metamorphosis again and then possibly either going back to streaming or doing continuity? I have some weight to lose.


    1. Great question! I would recommend doing whatever you will be consistent at. If streaming is too hard and just isn’t happening, then yes, it’s time to go back to meta/continuity. If it’s hard but you love it and it gets you on be mat each morning, then keep it up! It’s more about showing up than which program you are doing.

      For the weight loss part, make sure your eating is clean and full of nutritious, nourishing foods. I’d love to have you join one of my free challenges so we can keep that on point!

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