I Sold My TAM Metamorphosis Today…

And as I packaged it up I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. I don’t need it anymore of course, but that was the beginning of finding my soul mate exercise. I opened that package every day with hopes high that this would finally work. Those exercises made me sweat, cry, curse, and bleed. They also made me so proud of myself as each day I could do more  and more reps, and I just kept becoming stronger and more capable. And, of course, I lost a whole lot of weight.

TAM meta

Yesterday I started the first day of year two. (Yes, I’ve been at this longer than a year, but I only do it four to five days a week instead of the 6 she prescribes, plus I repeated a bunch around Christmastime last year when we were buying a house and money was in short supply, so I am just now finally getting to year two.) I popped in that new DVD with confidence, knowing that I could handle anything Tracy threw at me. I am a pro at this, after all. By the end of year one I was still sweating and definitely getting a workout, but it wasn’t all that hard anymore, even with adding ankle weights, which meant that I was in just such incredibly good shape that I could handle anything, right?

Oh, so very wrong!

Tracy added a chair to the mix this time. By the end of the arm series my arms were burning. She skipped the abs lying on the floor and went right to legs, which I thought was weird at first, but then I couldn’t think anymore at all as she turned me upside down on top  of, around, and underneath that silly chair. I couldn’t finish all the reps, and I haven’t been this sore in a good, long time. It looks like I’m in for a real treat, and I can’t wait to see what else my body is capable of.

I also just found these on Amazon yesterday. If you have been thinking about trying TAM Metamorphosis but are a little scared of the price tag, here are some new, very affordable options to give you a taste of the method. (FYI, yes these are affiliate links, but I would recommend them no matter what!)

And this one, too:

The reviews I’ve read so far, from seasoned Tracy Methodites, are very, very good.

As always, I recommend finding the exercise that works best for you, your own soul mate exercise. Whatever it is, get out there and move that body, challenge yourself, and find out the amazing things your body is capable of!

2 thoughts on “I Sold My TAM Metamorphosis Today…”

  1. Helloo, congratulations on your amazing results! You look amazing. Would you know where I could buy second hand Tracy Anderson metamorphosis dvd set? Where did you sell it? I couldn’t find any secondhand ones on Amazon or eBay.

    I am from Europe so I would have to buy new one from the UK and it is quite pricy. Thank you. Sarka from the Czech Republic

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!

      When I sold mine, it was on Amazon. I would keep an eye out both of those places, you’ll see them pop up from time to time. In the meantime, There is a lot of great content on YouTube that can give you a little sample of Tracy and her method, I suggest giving that a try! You could also check out these DVDs on Amazon, they are a great place to start: http://amzn.to/29OwqGz or http://amzn.to/29PDypi

      I hope that helps!

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